Wendy’s Employee Reportedly Shot Over Argument About Extra Dipping Sauce

Image via Getty

A Wendy's employee in St. Louis was shot early on Tuesday morning, reportedly after an argument with a customer over dipping sauce.

According to St. Louis' FOX2, a man in a dark-colored Nissan came through the drive-thru at around 1 a.m. He reportedly asked for extra dipping sauce and was denied, which led to an argument between the man and employees. A 31-year-old male employee walked out of the front door of the Wendy's to confront the angry customer after he had pulled away from the windows. As the employee turned around to head back into the store, the customer shot at him, hitting him in the arm and lower back.

All reports indicate that the injuries aren't life-threatening and the victim is expected to recover. Police are still searching for the assailant who sped off after the shooting.

A local reporter arrived on scene in time to see emergency vehicles leaving with the victim. He shared video of this on Twitter.

It's far from the only time a drive-thru order has become violent in recent memory. A Florida man was arrested in August for allegedly shooting and killing a Burger King employee over a delay in getting his meal. Also, a woman in Kentucky fired through the drive-thru window at KFC employees after becoming irate over a missing napkin and fork in her bag.