Welp, this Red Band clip for Bones And All sure doesn't skimp on the "red"

Bones And All
Bones And All

The regular trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s upcoming Bones And All didn’t exactly shy away from the film’s gory subject matter—what with all the references to “eaters,” and the sight of Taylor Russell’s Maren covered in blood. But it was, at least, a bit circumspect about the literal consumption of human flesh, something that cannot be said about the new Red Band clip released for Guadagnino’s movie today.

BONES AND ALL | “Sleepover” Extended Clip - Red Band

Titled “Sleepover,” the clip is an extended version of the first few shots from the trailer, in which a sleepover between Maren and some girls in her new town goes about as poorly as one can go, right around the moment when her longing looks transition into sticking another girl’s finger in her mouth, biting down, and then stripping all the flesh from it—with the maimed digit now visible in loving detail.

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It’s a smart bit to release, in so far as it’s going to be a pretty good litmus test for whether you, as an audience member, can hang with what Guadagnino, Russell, and co-star Timothée Chalamet are up to, i.e., a lurid, longing romance in which our young lovers also, y’know, eat people in graphic detail. It also gives us a few more insights into Maren’s relationship with her clearly overwhelmed dad, whose “Oh god, not again” reaction to his daughter coming home covered in blood—and his quick directives to pack up whatever they can and bail before the cops show up—definitely helps set the tone for the film.

Bones And All had its big international premiere in Venice back in September, earning strong reviews (and a whole bunch of clapping) in the process. The film opens in theaters in the United States on November 18.

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