Welcome to the Sticks Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Amazon Prime Video

Welcome to the Sticks streaming
Credit: TF1 Films Production

Welcome to the Sticks, also known as Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, is a French comedy-drama flick. The plot follows a French public servant who tries to cheer up his wife by trying to get a transfer to the French Riviera, only to be exiled from Provence. The film received incredible reviews from critics and audiences.

Here’s how you can watch and stream Welcome to the Sticks via streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

Is Welcome to the Sticks available to watch via streaming?

Yes, Welcome to the Sticks is available to watch via streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Philippe Abrams, a post office administrator, lives happily with his wife Julie and their son in idyllic Provence. But recently, Julie has felt depressed. To cheer her up, Abrams hatches a risky plan to secure a transfer to the French Riviera, but it disastrously fails, plunging his life into misery.

The film features actors Kad Merad as Philippe Abrams, Dany Boon as Antoine Bailleul, and Zoé Félix as Julie, among others.

Watch Welcome to the Sticks streaming via Amazon Prime Video

Welcome to the Sticks is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. With shows like Dahaad, Citadel, Tandav, and Mirzapur, Amazon Prime Video provides a smooth watching experience to you from any section of the world.

You can watch via Amazon Prime Video by following these steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Prime Video

  2. Select ‘Sign in’ and ‘Create your Amazon account’

  3. Sign up for a Prime Video membership:

    • $14.99 per month or $139 per year with an Amazon Prime membership

    • $8.99 per month for a standalone Prime Video membership

Amazon Prime is the online retailer’s paid service that provides fast shipping and exclusive sales on products, so the membership that includes both this service and Prime Video is the company’s most popular offering. However, you can also opt to subscribe to Prime Video separately.

NOTE: The streaming services listed above are subject to change. The information provided was correct at the time of writing.

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