Are ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Stars Kim Plath and Ken Palmer Still Together? Update

Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath has officially moved on following her June 2022 split from Barry Plath. After ending the marriage of nearly 24 years, the mom of 10 found a new love in her life, boyfriend Ken Palmer. The pair are seemingly making strides in their relationship on screen and fans are curious if the pair are still together.

How Did Kim and Ken Meet?

Kim introduced her new boyfriend on season 5 of Welcome to Plathville in September 2023, revealing she met him through her teenage son, Isaac Plath.

“Isaac and Ken are former coworkers and they own a plane together and they have a unique bond,” Kim explained on the October 17 episode, concerned about her son’s reaction to the news. “I’m a little bit worried that he might not be okay with me dating Ken, but I also feel like it’s time to tell him.”

Upon finding out about his mom’s new love interest, the youngest Plath son called the revelation “awkward” as he didn’t know “what to think” of the news yet. “I’m feeling, uh, just sad for the most part,” Isaac said in a private confessional.

How Did Barry Plath React to Ex Kim’s New Romance?

Barry was “sad” when he learned his ex-wife was dating again. Kim explained that she told Barry she wanted to see other people at the beginning of their separation, and he never asked her not to.

“I guess I expected that he would tell me he didn’t want me to see other people or something, but he really said nothing,” Kim told cameras in a private confessional. “I mean, I guess it doesn’t really surprise me because it seems like maybe he was holding on to hope that somehow we would get back together.”

The dad of 10 opened up on his reaction to Kim’s new boyfriend in another scene, noting he was “shocked” and “didn’t have much to say.”

“‘Cause what do you say to something like that? But I’m not sitting here condoning anything Kim’s doing regarding that,” he told producers. “Looking back on things, 25 years’ worth of marriage and all of a sudden, it’s gone. Part of me gets angry at the fact that this is happening. And then, you know, just being sad.”

Are Welcome to Plathville’s Kim and Ken Still Together?

It is unclear if Kim and Ken are still together as they both are not on social media. The pair are seemingly getting serious in their romance as Ken asked Kim to move in with him during the November 28 episode of the series.

However, Kim’s son Micah Plath seemingly confirmed their continuing relationship after sharing a rare selfie with his mom’s new boyfriend in September 2023. The photo also included his younger siblings Amber, Cassia, and Mercy