‘Weird City’ Trailer: Jordan Peele’s Sci-Fi Series Stars Mad Scientist LeVar Burton

Let’s face it: we’ve all wondered what it would look like to see LeVar Burton get taken up through a pneumatic tube. “Weird City,” an science fiction anthology series arriving on YouTube Premium next month, also casts him as something of a mad scientist, which seems extremely promising. Burton is just one of many notable cast members in the ensemble. Written by Jordan Peele and former “Key & Peele” writer Charlie Sanders, “Weird City” also features appearances by Steven Yeun, Mark Hamill, Gillian Jacobs, Awkwafina, Laverne Cox, Rosario Dawson, and Michael Cera.

The six-episode anthology series is set in an imminent science fiction world full of gratification machines and instant muscle pills. In this futuristic society, humans either live in the wealthy, affluent Above the Line part of the slightly-futuristic city of Weird, or Below the Line, where amenities aren’t quite so prevalent. Aside from looking at class differences, some of the apparent topics of the series include the various Weird approaches to dating, health care, and transportation.

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Burton’s Dr. Negari serves as the unifying force through all six stories, which also feature the contributions of Yvette Nicole Brown, Ed O’Neill, Sara Gilbert, and Eugene Cordero. The series is directed by Amy Heckerling, Adam Bernstein, and Tricia Brock, who will each take a third of the episodes.

The show is part of a busy streaming year for Peele, who already has a handful of projects coming up in 2019. Next month will also see the release of “Lorena,” a four-part documentary on Lorena Bobbitt that he produced, coming to Amazon Prime Video. And he’ll be assuming the Rod Serling role on the impending “The Twilight Zone” reboot for CBS All Access.

Watch the full trailer for “Weird City” (which features Cera donning yet another muscle suit) below:

“Weird City” premieres February 13 on YouTube Premium.

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