Weird: The Al Yankovic Story stars react to Queen Elizabeth photo included in movie: 'She would have liked it'

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Daniel Radcliffe was shocked by the reaction to the late Queen Elizabeth II being featured briefly in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story during its Thursday night debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The actor and his costar Evan Rachel Wood celebrated the premiere of the satirical biopic, in which Radcliffe portrays the titular spoof singer and Wood plays Madonna, and the two responded to reaction to the Queen's photo being used in the film, which made its debut at TIFF on the same day the British monarch died at 96.

The shot appears at the end of the film, which features a montage of photoshopped images of Weird Al alongside notable figures. Some members of the TIFF audience reacted to seeing her majesty's inclusion in the comedy with chatter about how they wished the Queen could have lived to see the parody film. And naturally, social media was not far behind.

Radcliffe seemed shocked when EW informed him of the reaction the Queen's connection with the firlm. "Sorry, sorry that was not genuine reaction was it?" the British native asked.

"I remembered that [image was included] like literally about 10 minutes before walking out for the Q&A," Radcliffe said. "I was like, 'Oh yeah that's in there."


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The American born Wood chimed in to say she was happy the image was not pulled out of the film after the Queen's death, insisting the royal would have appreciated the sequence.

"She would have liked it," Wood said. "I can say this stuff because I'm not British."

Wood also said she and Radcliffe are leaning into Oscar buzz for the real Weird Al and a new song he wrote for the film. "We're seriously campaigning, it starts today!"

If Thursday night's debut of Weird is any indication, the campaign is off to a good start, with the film earning "laughs and wild applause."

Radcliffe leaned into the role, learning to play the accordion and working closely with the real Yankovic. He's even been inspired to one day pursue his own musical endeavors after Yankovic gifted him an accordion when he finished the movie.

"I'm not good at the accordion, but I've come so far with it relative to the nothing that I started at that it seems dumb to just stop playing completely," Radcliffe told EW. "I think I'm going to very gradually keep it up over the years, and maybe one day I'll be able to play a song with both hands at the same time."

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story premieres Nov. 4 on Roku.

With reporting by Clarissa Cruz.

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