Weird Al Shares Why He Keeps Making Good Music

On Tuesday’s Conan, Weird Al Yankovic shared the motivation behind his more than 30-year career of making huge parody hits. He described meeting many fans who have tattooed themselves with his face or references to his music. Yankovic explained that couldn’t put out an album that “sucked” because those fans would see their tattoos and be constantly reminded of his bad music. They may even want to cut their tattoos off.

Making music wasn’t his first line of work, as it turns out. And while there’s little chance that he’ll to go back to any his old jobs, one in particular sounded pretty awful. Yankovic admitted that he was once an “accordion repo man.” He explained, “When you take accordion lessons, generally the parents aren’t obligated to buy an accordion. … So the school will loan you the accordion so your kid can practice. If you stop taking lessons … they call for accordion repo man.” He would show up to houses and demand the accordion back. The children were likely upset, but the parents — it goes without saying — were likely relieved.

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