'Weird Al' Helps To Give The Final Debate The Musical Style It Deserves

We have finally made it through the trio of presidential debates and the one lonely vp debate, making the road to Election Day a little clearer. We’ve almost put an end to it!

To cap off the final debate and all of the buzzworthy viral moments it spawned, The Gregory Brothers worked their magic to turn the entire thing into a song. To push it over the cliff, they got a little help from “Weird Al” Yankovic, former UPROXX person of the year award winner, all around nice guy, and possible 2020 presidential candidate. The results are a musical tribute to all the nasty women and bad hombres out there, with some portals to hell tossed in and a few chanting monks.

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Auto-tune has lost its luster over the years, but “Weird Al” is always a welcome sight. And at the end of the day, I’ll take this over another Jib-Jab flash animation any day of the week. Can you imagine the Donald Trump cutout animation we’d have to contend with, singing songs like some sort of rip off version of Kim Jong-il from Team America. He’d have tiny hands, a new shade of orange that would carry his name, and an impersonation that would pale in comparison to the dozens of other we’ve heard so far this election. Auto-tune works instead of that.