The Week in 'Wives: RHOA and RHOSLC on vacation, RHOC onstage, and RHOD on a stick

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Marcus Jones Outlines How the Cast Members of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Address the Turbulent Year Throughout Their New Season

EW Digital News Writer, Marcus Jones, discusses the 13th season of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'; how the show addresses the pandemic, protests, and Black Lives Matter; and previews this season's drama and storylines for all our fave housewives!

We're all over the place in the Real Housewives-verse this week, and I mean literally: only our RHOD ladies kept to their usual stomping grounds, offering sweet mother-daughter moments with both Tiffany and Kary. Meanwhile, the RHOA cast took a bus (unless they took a jet) to South Carolina, and the rocky RHOSLC girls' trip in Vegas continued, rising to new dramatic heights. Finally, our OGs of RHOC hung out not in their SoCal mansions but on the reunion stage, where they picked apart the last few conflicts of this strange season. Here are the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in 'wives!

HIGH POINT: Hypnotist trip, RHOSLC

Whitney might have called the Salt Lake citizens' trip to Vegas "worse than the time I started my period on a waterslide at a hotel in the Bahamas," but for those of us watching, the whole episode was pure Bravo magic. The highlight of the hour was the final item on the itinerary: A trip to Kimberly the hypnotist, who says things like "trance state is the bomb" and thinks making everyone publicly vote on whom they find trustworthy is a good party game. She celebrates Whitney for insisting on moving away from Jen to another couch and then repeatedly micromanages Jen's apology. The absurd gathering ends with her affirming, "This is very good. This is very good." Indeed it was.


This season in Orange County revolved heavily around Braunwyn's tumultuous evolution, so the reunion was a good chance for her husband Sean to give his perspective on the matter. She's a lesbian and has a girlfriend now, but doesn't want to get divorced, and also really did not like it when Sean hooked up with someone else. "It sounds like the boundaries move where Braunwyn allows them to move," Gina observes, and Andy agrees with her. But poor Sean is just glad they aren't fighting anymore, and derives most of his happiness, he says, from his children anyway — so he doesn't need it so much, I guess, from his wife or any other potential romantic partner. Shannon and Kelly agree (a notable occurrence to begin with) that he's a saint.

WILDEST MOMENT: The long road to South Carolina, RHOA

When our Georgia peaches head north for some much-needed beach time, the unequal travel arrangements make things get heated. Literally, the ladies' descriptions of the bus with no air conditioning made me start to sweat; meanwhile, Kenya and LaToya breeze into the spacious beach house off their private jet and gleefully determine room assignments that seem doomed to spark a Ramona Singer-style vacation battle in the next episode, once the rest of the cast arrive and peel themselves out of their sticky seats. It's almost like Kenya wants the trip to be an epic disaster. I can't wait.


BEST IMPRESSION: A two-way RHOD tie between Jeremy as of D'Andra delivering a letter incognito and Kary's daughter Olivia impersonating her mom making a huge fuss about her own 50th birthday. Actually… never mind the tie. Olivia wins.

WORST DRESSED: The photo of Kelly in her "Drunk Wives Matter" hat, the topic of a mostly fruitless discussion at the RHOC reunion

DÉJÀ VU: The RHOA ladies discovering one person got to bring her baby on a girls' trip, while the others had to leave their children at home. Did last season of RHOP teach everyone nothing?

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "You guys can engage in this. I'm not engaging in this." — Meredith, RHOSLC


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