This week on 'The Morning Rose': Arie is actually fine, while ABC continues to confuse us with contestant selections

Just when you thought The Bachelor had completely inundated the media depository, The Morning Breath offers a new space to get your fix for The Bachelor and all things somewhat Bachelor-related. In this week’s inaugural edition of The Morning Rose, Jackie and Claudia Oshry dive into the 22nd season’s first show, featuring the formerly controversial bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the 29 single women pining for his love and attention

First of all, we should address the fact that he is a fine choice for this season, and we regret the drama surrounding ABC’s prolonged choice. Co-host Jackie Oshry admits that Luyendyk’s on-screen introduction was lukewarm, and nothing less or more. “I have absolutely no thought on him — he’s fine.” Claudia agrees that this season — as most — should stay focused on the sponsor, the house of Fit Tea, peddling singles. “I want it to be about the women, I so don’t care,” she says.

As far as the women go, there’s a pixie cut or two we aren’t in love with, but they have our attention for all the right reasons. Leading the pack of favorites has to be Maquel — the 23-year-old wedding photographer from Utah whose blond locks and likable smile are giving us serious girl-next-door vibes. “She’s pretty, and she has a cool vibe about her,” says Jackie.

Another frontrunner, thanks to some input from Jimmy Kimmel, is Becca K. (Keep in mind that it is Bekah M. with the pixie cut and unlisted age.) Considering that Kimmel is always headed in the right direction, we agree with his roistering about Becca K., even though history suggests that Luyendyk leans toward tall, blonde bombshells. Could Becca K. be his exception?

Kimmel also named Chelsea as a frontrunner, and her qualifications remind us of Olivia Caridi — difficult to tolerate in the beginning, but a true gem in the end. Or as Jackie calls her, “Olivia Caridi 2.0.”

With eight girls leaving sans rose after Night 1, we’re going to give it up to Arie for sending home the two aspiring television stars. “That’s just a clear marker of just sending girls home immediately for the wrong reasons,” says Jackie. And for that, we are grateful and hopeful that Season 22 ends with a lasting engagement. And if not that, then another great podcast series.

Check back next week for the next segment of The Morning Rose, as seen on The Morning Breath.