'Wednesday' star Jenna Ortega says Tim Burton was so particular about how her hair should look on the show that they 'ran 2 hours behind'

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  • Jenna Ortega appeared on the latest episode of "Hot Ones" and spoke about working with Tim Burton.

  • She said that Burton was particular about her character's hair on the set of "Wednesday."

  • Ortega said they "ran two hours behind" because Burton said her braids were uneven.

"Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega said that director and executive producer Tim Burton was so particular about aesthetics that production got delayed because he wanted to adjust her hairstyle.

"On the first day when they were trying to establish what my hair was gonna look like, we ran two hours behind because, 'No, her braids are uneven. This one's lower, this one's higher,'" Ortega said while appearing on the latest episode of the online series "Hot Ones," in which celebrity guests are interviewed as they eat wings coated in increasingly hotter sauces.

The actor, who stars as Wednesday Addams on the hit Netflix series, continued: "He didn't like the way that my fringe looked at the time so he was just, 'Hey, do you mind if I do that?' He asked the hairdresser very politely and just kind of did my hair himself."

Jenna Ortega and Thing in Netflix's "Wednesday."
Jenna Ortega and Thing on Netflix's "Wednesday."Netflix

Ortega said that Burton's attention to detail extended beyond how her character should look.

When directing he also drew many of his shots and would show them to Ortega prior to filming. The "Scream" star also recalled Burton carrying trees, presumably prop ones, and throwing them into the background of the camera shot so they'd land exactly the way he wanted them to while filming in a forest in Romania.

"He was very specific and happy to do it himself, but also a really great communicator and collaborator," Ortega said.

Watch Ortega's appearance on "Hot Ones" below (she talks about working with Burton at the 3:37 mark).


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