Wednesday season 2 news and everything we know so far about the Netflix show's return

 Jenna Ortega in Wednesday.
Jenna Ortega in Wednesday.
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Wednesday season 2 is set to kick off filming soon, and it seems like there will be some big changes this time around. The show, which became one of Netflix's most-streamed series ever, has a tentative production start date as well as some new teases about its upcoming storyline. That's not all either with plenty of casting updates as some stars leave and others join the supernatural show.

We get into all of this below, as well as breaking down some big upcoming plot points. Indeed, while season 1 mostly wrapped up all its loose plot threads in the finale, there is still the case of Wednesday's mysterious stalker who's sending her threatening text messages. And we've got a theory about who that is...

So, for everything you might want to know about Wednesday season 2, read on for our creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky guide.

Wednesday season 2 release date

Wednesday season 2 is happening, but sadly we don't have a release date yet.

The latest update came from Deadline, which reported that production is "tentatively" planning to begin in April. While this isn't set in stone yet, if Netflix follow the same schedule as the first season, we could see it sooner than you might think.

Wednesday season 1 filmed in Romania between September 2021 and March 2022, before it landed on the streamer in November 2022. So it took just over a year from production to release. If season 2 begins filming in April 2024, we will likely get a new season in early 2025, all things going well.

It seems like the scripts are done too, with star Jenna Ortega saying on the Emmys red carpet in January: "I’ve received some scripts now for the second season, and we’re definitely leaning into a little bit more horror."

Wednesday season 2 cast

Enid in Wednesday
Enid in Wednesday

Almost everyone – who survived season 1 that is – will be coming back for a second season. Of course, this means Jenna Ortega will be reprising her role as Wednesday, after nabbing herself a Golden Globe nomination for season one.

Emma Myers will be back as Wednesday's roommate Enid Sinclair too. Other returning Nevermore Academy classmates will likely include Joy Sunday as siren Bianca Barclay, Georgie Farmer as gorgon Ajax Petropolus, Naomi J. Ogawa as vampire Yoko Tanaka, and Moosa Mostafa as bee-loving student Eugene Ottinger.

Hunter Doohan will also be back as Tyler Galpin, Wednesday's ex-boyfriend who was revealed to be the monster in the final episodes. The last we saw of him was as he was being carted off to prison for his crimes, but the creators have confirmed he'll remain a big part of season 2. Speaking to Variety, Gough confirmed his return: "Yeah. Absolutely. He's out there. That's what we wanted to convey." And if Tyler's back, then we bet his dad, sheriff Donovan Galpin (Jamie McShane), will be as well.

Gwendoline Christie in Wednesday
Gwendoline Christie in Wednesday

The Addams Family are returning too, with the show's creators promising we'll see more of them in the second season. This means more of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams, and Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester.

There are a few more members of the eccentric family who could be introduced too, including Cousin Itt and Grandmama. However, no new casting announcements have been made yet.

One cast member whose return seems less likely is Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems. The Nevermore principal was stabbed by Miss Thornhill and was seemingly killed. However, Christie isn't so sure this is the last we'll see of this character. "We haven't seen her put in the ground, have we?" she told Digital Spy. "I feel like Larissa Weems would not really be prepared to entertain or be dominated by anything as commonplace as death."

More likely season 1 casualties are Wednesday's therapist Dr Valerie Kinbott (Riki Lindhome) who was one of the Hyde's victims and Christina Ricci's Marilyn Thornhill. The latter was killed in the finale after viewers found out her real identity was Laurel Gates.

Another cast member who it seems might not be returning is Percy Hynes White as Wednesday's almost-love interest Xavier Thorpe. Per reports, he has been written our of the second season, although Netflix has yet to confirm this.

Wednesday season 2 plot

Wednesday and Tyler in the season 1 finale
Wednesday and Tyler in the season 1 finale

There are no confirmed plot details for season 2 yet, but the creators have teased we'll be picking up in the direct aftermath of the Wednesday season 1 finale. A quick refresher: after working out the murders were the handiwork of a Hyde monster, being controlled by Laurel Gates, Wednesday does her best to discover who is responsible.

She initially suspects her therapist Kinbott and her classmate Xavier, but it turns out she'd been chasing the wrong lead. In fact, it was botany teacher Thornhill who'd been controlling Wednesday's new boyfriend Tyler all along. However, Wednesday’s plans to trap them both backfires and Thornhill (or should we call her Laurel) takes her hostage as she plans to resurrect Joseph Crackstone.

Crackstone wakes and stabs Wednesday, who is only saved by her ancestor Goodie Addams bringing her back to life and telling her how to kill him. Her luck isn't over yet either as when Tyler attacks her, Enid finally wolves out and defends her. Wednesday finds Crackstone and kills him with the help of Xavier and Bianca.


The final few moments of The Wednesday season 1 ending see Tyler in some kind of custody, but seemingly about to break out as he transforms into the Hyde. Meanwhile, as Wednesday says goodbye to her classmates and prepares to head off for the year, she gets an unexpected message on the new mobile Xavier gave her to keep in touch with him over the break. She starts receiving threatening messages and photos of herself from a mysterious stalker. It's not yet clear who this is, but they're sure to cause some more trouble in season 2.

"[The stalker proves] that threats remain out there… to both Wednesday and the school," co-creator Millar told Netflix’s Tudum. "Not all not loose ends have been tied up neatly as she thinks they have."

There might also be room for more of the Addams family in season 2, according to Millar. "We felt like we just touched the surface with those characters and the actors are so amazing in those roles," he told TVLine. "Catherine is, I think, an iconic Morticia. The relationship between Wednesday and Morticia is also essential to the show, and the idea that Wednesday is trying to forge her own path outside the family is important."

Meanwhile, Ortega wants her character to lean even more into her darker side. "I kind of want her to be darker," she said to Entertainment Tonight. "I want her to get more in the nitty-gritty of things and not play things so safe, because there are a lot of lines about her saving the school and doing whatever, but for me, her main drive with the monster is of competitiveness. Kind of, 'man, how's this guy doing this?' I think I want it to continue down an antihero stream rather than a typical hero."

One thing that is certain is that we'll be getting another iconic dance sequence. This time around, however, it will be Gomez pulling shapes. When asked by Screen Rant if he's coming back, he said: "That's the plan. That's the plan. I'm going to dance; I'm going to have a sword fight."

Wednesday season 2 theories

Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Netflix's Wednesday
Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Netflix's Wednesday

While we might not have any concrete information on where Wednesday is heading next, there are plenty of fan theories around. A big question remains about Tyler's future in the show. We know he's coming back, but will be the irredeemable villain we met at the tail end of season 1, or could there be some changes to his characterization?

A major theory is that we haven't learned everything about his species yet, as he might not be the purely evil character we think he is. Hydes may take some more inspiration from Jekyll and Hyde than originally thought, and could actually be a completely different personality, according to one Reddit fan.

Based on Bianca's storyline in season 1, a huge plot point may have already been revealed too. When her mother comes to visit her, she tries to get her to return to the cult Morning Sun, which seems to be able to scam people via an app. We didn't hear from them again in the first season, but it seems like this could be readdressed when the show returns.

Another of the major unknowns heading into season 2 is who Wednesday's stalker is. Fans on Reddit have already been speculating about the most likely candidates. Xavier is a potential option, given he's the only one who knows about Wednesday's phone and has her number. However, it would be pretty brazen of him to be using this information straight away.

Others have suggested that it could be the Sheriff, given Wednesday is definitely not in his good books after working out Tyler was behind the killings. "He has his eye on her because he believes she could be as threatening, probably more, than Gomez," theorized one viewer. However, the vast majority think the show may use the opportunity to bring in a new character altogether through the twist. It seems like we'll have to wait and see...

One of the show's stars has also shared their opinion of some of the theories floating around. When asked if a Wednesday and Enid romance was possible, Enid star Emma Myers told Variety: "Anything is possible in the show. We haven’t really spoken about direction at all, so I don’t really know what the game plan is for anything. As far as love interests go for Wednesday, I feel like at least for a second season, she needs to take her season of singleness. She just had a whole fiasco with her men, she’s got to lay it off for a little bit. I would be deterred from dating anybody if I had gone through that."

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