Wedding-dress designer Hayley Paige got her name back. Here's a complete timeline of her yearslong legal battle with JLM Couture.

Wedding-dress designer Hayley Paige got her name back. Here's a complete timeline of her yearslong legal battle with JLM Couture.
  • After over three years of litigation, Hayley Paige Gutman and JLM Couture settled their legal issues.

  • JLM first sued Gutman over her use of the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts in 2020.

  • On Friday, Gutman settled with JLM and got back the rights to her name and social accounts.

After years of litigation, Hayley Paige Gutman and JLM Couture have reached a settlement agreement.

JLM sued Gutman, the designer behind Hayley Paige Bridal, in December 2020 over her use of the @misshayleypage social-media accounts. A New York District Court granted the company a temporary restraining order against the designer in March 2021.

JLM's lawsuit was followed by Gutman's resignation from the company and years of legal issues between the designer and her former employer.

But on Friday, a Delaware bankruptcy judge approved a settlement agreement between the pair that gives Gutman her name, the @misshayleypaige accounts, and all IP associated with the Hayley Paige brand.

Business Insider created a timeline to explain how the problems between Gutman and JLM arose, their messy legal battle, and the settlement that brought it all to a close.

In July 2011, wedding-dress designer Hayley Paige Gutman signed an employment agreement with fashion company JLM Couture.

hayley paige
Hayley Paige Gutman was in business with JLM Couture from 2011 to 2020.Slaven Vlasic / Stringer / Getty Images

Hayley Paige — whose full name is Hayley Paige Gutman — began her journey to becoming a household bridal designer in 2011, when she signed an employment contract with JLM Couture.

Gutman's agreement with JLM granted the company "the exclusive world-wide right and license to use her name 'Hayley', 'Paige', 'Hayley Paige Gutman', 'Hayley Gutman', 'Hayley Paige', or any derivative thereof [...] in connection with the design, manufacture, marketing and/or sale of bridal clothing, bridal accessories, and related bridal and wedding items," according to a December 2020 complaint filed by the company's attorneys and reviewed by Business Insider.

Gutman said in an Instagram video that she was 25 when she signed the agreement and did not have a lawyer review the contract.

On April 6, 2012, the @misshayleypaige Instagram account was launched.

hayleypaige insta
A screenshot of the @misshayleypaige Instagram page.@misshayleypaige/Instagram

According to the "About" page for the @misshayleypaige Instagram, the account was created on April 6, 2012. (Two years later, in 2014, a Pinterest with the @misshayleypaige handle was also created, according to JLM's complaint.)

Gutman said she created the Instagram account in a press release provided to Business Insider and a video posted to a separate Instagram account. In a separate press release provided to BI, however, a JLM representative said the account was intended to be a professional account "to promote the Hayley Paige bridal collections."

"It always was, and currently is, owned by the company – just as every company owns and controls its own brands and branded social media accounts," the press release said.

Gutman, however, maintains that her social-media accounts were never part of her 2011 agreement with JLM, with a spokesperson for the designer telling BI "the Instagram account was started as a personal account" and that "a substantial amount of the content in this account has always been personal in nature."

"This and the other social media accounts in question have never been subject to JLM's control," the same representative said. "Indeed, what JLM has not told you is that my client's employment agreement with them gives them absolutely no rights to the subject Instagram account. In fact, the agreement made no mention at all of social media at all."

But JLM believed social media fell under Gutman's contractual obligations, with a company rep telling BI in a statement: "JLM does not agree with Hayley's opinion concerning her obligations and responsibilities or JLM's rights under the relevant employment agreement."

By November 2019, the @misshayleypaige Instagram account reached 1.1 million followers.

hayley paige sytd
Gutman on an episode of "Say Yes To The Dress.""Say Yes To The Dress"/TLC

Gutman's popularity grew rapidly over the years since her account was first created, in part due to her exposure on TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress" and the spin-off "Say Yes to America" from 2015 to 2019.

In the complaint, JLM claimed it was responsible for Gutman's growing fame, as Murphy arranged for Gutman to appear on the show because of "his connection at Kleinfeld Bridal, one of JLM's biggest customers and the location where 'Say Yes to the Dress' is taped."

In the same month, Gutman created a TikTok account with the @misshayleypaige handle, according to a complaint filed by JLM's attorneys.

hayleypaige tiktok
A screenshot of the @misshayleypaige TikTok account.@misshayleypaige/TikTok

Gutman joined TikTok — using the @misshayleypaige handle — on November 2, 2019, according to JLM's complaint.

The designer used the platform to post personal videos alongside bridal content. A screenshot of the page from January 2021 shows videos of Gutman's dog, her fiancé, and Hayley Paige gowns.

JLM said that the mixed style of posts "did not properly represent the HP brands" in the December 2020 complaint its attorneys filed against Gutman, adding that people who follow Hayley Paige-branded social-media accounts "do so because they want to follow JLM's Hayley Paige Brand designer wedding gown collection."

Some time after, JLM Couture CEO Joe Murphy advised Gutman to post company-approved social-media posts as they began discussing a new contract, according to the complaint.

Hayley Paige Gutman Getty
Gutman and JLM disagreed over the use of social-media accounts affiliated with her bridal brands.Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images

"Joe Murphy advised Gutman that she should post JLM approved content on the Tik Tok account, rather than posting personal images," JLM's complaint against Gutman said.

The company's complaint said that rather than complying, Gutman retaliated, changing the password to the @misshayleypaige account to prevent JLM from accessing it.

At the same time, Gutman and JLM entered into discussions about a new contract, with use of the name "Hayley Paige" at the center of many of the negotiations, according to JLM's complaint.

JLM "believed that Gutman's decision to take over the Main IG Account [@misshayleypaige] was a negotiation tactic to obtain leverage" as she renegotiated her contract with the company, the complaint said.

By the end of 2019, Gutman removed references and links to JLM from the @misshayleypaige Instagram account's bio, the complaint said.

Hayley Paige Gutman
JLM's complaint said that Gutman used the @misshayleypaige Instagram account like an influencer.Instagram/allthatglittersonthegram

Gutman changed the bio of the @misshayleypaige Instagram account to read "Personal & Creative account" and "removed reference to JLM" at the end of 2019, according to the complaint.

The complaint said that the bio changes marked Gutman's attempt to "assert control over JLM's property," which led her to post more non-bridal related content to the Instagram account.

In June 2020, Gutman told JLM she believed she owned the @misshayleypaige Instagram account, according to the complaint.

hayley paige gutman 2
Gutman believes she owns the account.Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

When Gutman and Murphy discussed her use of the social-media page, she told him that "it was her position that the Main IG Account was her personal account," the complaint said.

"Gutman's position regarding the ownership of the Main IG Account was not only new, but Gutman at all times previously mentioned [she] understood that the Main IG account was JLM's properly [sic] and acted accordingly," the complaint went on to say.

Gutman denied these allegations in both a statement to BI and an Instagram video, asserting that the account has always been hers, pointing to personal announcements she made on the page, such as that of her engagement.

JLM's complaint said Gutman began posting ads for other companies and products on the @misshayleypaige Instagram account in July 2020.

hayley paige sponcon
A post on the Hayley Paige Instagram account promotes goods from another company.Hayley Paige Gutman/JLM Couture/Instagram

In the summer of 2020, Gutman was not only sharing personal posts to the page but also posts dedicated to products not sold by JLM, according to the company's complaint.

The posts advertised "the goods of third parties, such as olive oil, beer and nutritional supplements, none of which were approved by JLM," the complaint said. In October 2020, Gutman posted a giveaway for the avocado oil brand Chosen Foods on the @misshayleypaige account (pictured above).

The complaint said that Gutman was "paid for these endorsements, and therefore has profited off the substantial investment made by JLM at JLM's expense." It also said JLM spent millions of advertising dollars on expanding the Hayley Paige-branded social-media accounts.

On October 25, 2020, Gutman restored the links to JLM in the @misshayleypaige Instagram bio after a discussion with Murphy, according to the company's complaint.

hayley paige gutman
The complaint says Gutman restored links to JLM on Hayley Paige-branded accounts after a meeting.Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

According to the complaint, Murphy and Gutman met in October 2020 at Kleinfeld Bridal to discuss her use of the @misshayleypaige Instagram account.

During the meeting, the complaint said Murphy expressed to Gutman that it was "her duty to the company to include links to the JLM website," and Gutman re-added links to both JLM and Hearts on Fire, another JLM brand, to the bio of the page the following day.

JLM's complaint said that Murphy told Gutman the accounts belonged to the company in a phone call on November 3, 2020.

joe murphy jlm
Joe Murphy, CEO of JLM Couture, in 2005.Duffy-Marie Arnoult / Stringer / Getty Images

On November 3, Murphy informed Gutman on behalf of JLM that it would not give her ownership rights to the @misshayleypaige Instagram account after they reached a new agreement, according to the complaint.

On the same day, Gutman removed the links from the @misshayleypaige bio again and deleted "bridal related posts" from the account, the complaint said.

hayley paige
Gutman at a wedding industry event in 2017.Cindy Ord / Stringer / Getty Images

JLM's complaint said that "in a fit of anger" after hearing that the company wouldn't give her ownership of the Instagram account, Gutman removed both links to JLM and Hearts on Fire from the @misshayleypaige page.

She also deleted "hundreds of bridal related posts in a further act of exercising dominion and control over JLM's property," according to the complaint.

"Gutman not only hijacked the Main IG Account, but she took steps to convert it from a JLM company account to a personal account," the complaint said.

On November 23, 2020, Gutman again refused to post JLM content to @misshayleypaige and wouldn't give the company access to the Pinterest and TikTok accounts with the same handles, according to the complaint.

hayley paige gutman 3
Gutman wouldn't hand over the accounts to JLM, according to their complaint.Anna Webber / Stringer / Getty Images

When the company again requested that Gutman post JLM-related content to the @misshayleypaige Instagram account, the designer insisted the page belonged to her rather than the brand, according to the complaint.

According to JLM's complaint, Gutman deleted more company-related posts from the page in November in addition to posting new personal content. The complaint said she would not give the company access to her Pinterest and TikTok accounts with the same handle as well.

On December 15, 2020, JLM sued Gutman over her use of the @misshayleypaige Instagram account.

hayley paige gutman sytd
JLM sued Gutman over her use of social media affiliated with her brands."Say Yes To The Dress"/TLC

The issues between Gutman and JLM came to a head in December 2020, with JLM suing the designer over her use of the @misshayleypaige Instagram account "as her own business platform as if she were an influencer," the company's complaint said.

"After Hayley stopped posting JLM content and deprived the company access to the account, we brought the matter before the court," JLM wrote in a statement provided to Page Six at the time. "After carefully listening to both sides, a judge granted us the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)."

The order prevented Gutman from posting on the @misshayleypaige accounts without approval from JLM, and she was forced to turn over passwords for the Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok page, according to a statement JLM provided to BI on December 27.

"We respect the judge's decision that JLM should have temporary control over the company site and feel the process was fair and equitable," JLM's statement added.

Days later, on December 21, 2020, Gutman released a video announcing her resignation from JLM on her @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram account.

hayley paige gutman
Gutman's December 21 Instagram video went viral.Hayley Paige Gutman/Instagram

On December 21, 2020, Gutman announced her resignation from JLM to her followers in a video posted on her Instagram account @allthatglittersonthegram, which isn't associated with JLM.

"It is with a heavy heart that I have resigned from my role as head designer of my labels with JLM Couture," Gutman wrote in the caption. "Going forward, I will no longer be associated with any of their products, including the designs and dresses which bear my name."

Making their legal dispute public, Gutman said in her video that JLM convinced a court to ban her temporarily from using her own name publicly and in a business context, and that the company was also given sole control of her main social-media accounts.

Gutman said in the video and in an accompanying press release that she has long viewed the @misshayleypaige Instagram account as a personal platform.

"I have used this account to talk about my life, family, fiancé, and my beloved dogs, among many other personal topics," she said in her press release. "And now, JLM is denying me the ability to communicate with the many friends who have joined me on our shared journey, unless I get Mr. Murphy's permission first, to make sure it is, in his words, 'on brand.'"

"And frankly, I feel violated by the idea that JLM may use my name to give you the impression that I continue to be associated with the company, even after I have left, while, at present, JLM asserts that I cannot use my own name myself," Gutman went on to say in the press release.

In the video, Gutman urged her fans to follow her on @allthatglittersonthegram rather than the @misshayleypaige account.

The next day, JLM challenged Gutman's claims in a press statement.

hayley paige gutman video
JLM denied Gutman's claims since her video went viral.Hayley Paige Gutman/Instagram

After Gutman's announcement went viral, JLM released a press statement on December 22, 2020, addressing the designer's claims.

The press release challenged Gutman's claims that she owned the @misshayleypaige Instagram account and denied that Gutman could not post anything on the page. A JLM representative told Business Insider at the time that Gutman was not barred "from accessing the brand's social media accounts."

Days later, however, a representative for Gutman told Business Insider on December 27 that "the temporary court order currently requires the written approval of CEO Joseph Murphy, not the brand, which speaks to the level of personal control he demands."

"She is no longer an employee of JLM and has no interest whatsoever in posting their brand messaging to her account," the representative added, speaking of Gutman. "My client is confident that her Instagram and other personal social media accounts will be returned to her and justice will be done."

JLM's press release said the company was also open to Gutman having greater control over her own name in a discussion around that time. "During one negotiation, Hayley and her lawyer discussed the ramifications of having JLM own the Hayley Paige name and requested to be compensated for it," the press release said. "JLM agreed to the request and increased Hayley's compensation."

On December 23, 2020, JLM posted a statement on Instagram to publicly defend the company against Gutman's claims.

hayley paige gutman
JLM posted a public statement to Instagram.Cindy Ord / Stringer / Getty Images

As Business Insider previously reported, JLM addressed the backlash it was receiving after Gutman published her video in an Instagram post.

The statement was first posted to the @misshayleypaige account, but it was then promptly deleted and reposted to the JLM corporate account — a mix-up that was down to "human error," a representative for the company told Business Insider.

"Like many things that glitter and shine, the issues between JLM Couture and Hayley Paige Gutman are multifaceted," JLM's statement said.

"While we were shocked and heartbroken to see Hayley's video, we feel that the correct negotiations she referred to are a private matter between those parties – in this case between Hayley and Joe," the statement continued, referring to JLM's CEO Joe Murphy. "But in light of some of Hayley's comments in the video, we feel compelled to address a few points."

"First, it is documented that Hayley had a lawyer help her review her employment contracts. She consulted with her lawyer prior to signing the contracts," the statement read. "There were multiple rounds of negotiations between Hayley and JLM until both parties settled on an agreement each felt was fair and mutually beneficial."

"Second, Hayley has access to the social media accounts and JLM encourages and would welcome Hayley to continue contributing content that is supportive of the Hayley Paige brands," it said.

The statement added: "Third, we respectfully ask that you allow Hayley, Joe and their attorneys to discuss the details of negotiations privately."

On December 24, 2020, Gutman took to Instagram to thank her fans for their support.

hayley paige gutman
Gutman thanked her fans for their support.Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

Following her resignation, Gutman received support from fellow designers, bridal boutiques, and brides who had worn her gowns. She posted a photo of herself with her dog on the @allthatglittersonthegram page on Christmas Eve to thank those supporting her.

"I know there is a lot more road ahead, and frankly being this exposed is still a wee bit terrifying, but I'm going to hold onto the love I've received with all my might," Gutman wrote. "I know that choosing to share my situation publicly comes with an enormous responsibility to avoid residual damage to people that don't deserve it. My main intention was to not let personal moments or connections be compromised."

On December 27, 2020, a JLM representative said that Gutman violated the temporary restraining order a court had granted against her.

hayley paige gutman 4
Gutman denied JLM's claim that she violated the temporary restraining order.Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

A JLM spokesperson told Business Insider that Gutman changed the login information on the @misshayleypaige Instagram account after the court order which required her to hand over the account to the company.

"Hayley again hijacked the account by changing once again the login and password and refused to share those with JLM, an apparent violation of the court order," the spokesperson told Business Insider at the time.

"It wasn't until lawyers for JLM told her that they would notify the judge of the violation if she didn't hand over the info in 20 minutes that Hayley handed over the info and JLM once again got access to its own account," the representative added.

Gutman denied these allegations.

"This is completely false, and meritless," a spokesperson for Gutman told Business Insider on December 28, 2020. "It did not happen, and we told them that when they asked."

"We stood by to assist them when they lost access to this account for reasons unrelated to us," the spokesperson said. "We are disappointed that they continue to advance this false narrative."

On December 28, 2020, JLM provided Business Insider with an email that appeared to refute Gutman's claim that she didn't have a lawyer look over her first contract with the company.

hayley paige gutman
Business Insider reviewed an email exchange between JLM and Gutman.Hayley Paige Gutman/Instagram

On December 28, JLM Couture provided Business Insider with an email that appeared to refute Gutman's claim that she didn't have a lawyer review her initial employment agreement with the fashion company in 2011. But the designer told Business Insider she signed the agreement without an attorney looking at it.

The first email from an unnamed person at JLM (the person's name and part of their email address were redacted) read: "Attached is a signed contract. Hayley please confirm you have reviewed this with your attorney." Business Insider was unable to review the document that appears to be attached to the email; the contract was sealed by court order.

Gutman — whose email address was redacted — appeared to respond: "Thank you for sending! I have reviewed with my attorney accordingly."

JLM's representative told Business Insider that Gutman was "misleading the public and her fans when she falsely claimed that she had no lawyer when she negotiated her first contract. Indeed, JLM insisted she have a lawyer and she did have a lawyer for her first – and every – contract negotiation."

But Gutman told Business Insider the email was sent after she had already signed the contract. "Despite what JLM claims, I did not have an attorney when I signed my first agreement with them in 2011," she told Business Insider.

"JLM cannot and has not produced one email, one agreement draft, or one phone record with the attorney they claimed I have," Gutman said. "Instead, they rely on an email they sent after I had already signed the contract, checking to make sure that my non-existent lawyer had reviewed it, in my opinion because they realized the inequities it contained."

A source close to Gutman told Business Insider that although the designer wrote in her email that she had a lawyer look at the contract that wasn't actually the case.

"She told JLM a lawyer had reviewed the final contract because, at age 25 in 2011, she had never negotiated a contract before, the contract had already been signed anyways, and she was very excited to get started with JLM," the source said. "So she confirmed what they clearly wanted her to say."

JLM declined to respond to Gutman's claims regarding the contract.

Gutman took to Instagram on December 29, 2020, to say she wanted to "gracefully end" her time with JLM, but that the company refused to negotiate. JLM said Gutman's assertion was "blatantly untrue."

hayley paige gutman
Gutman shared a second update with her Instagram followers.Hayley Paige Gutman/Instagram

In an Instagram video posted on December 29, 2020, Gutman said she requested through her lawyers that JLM "pause the litigation and start a conversation about a graceful end" to their professional relationship, as well as drop the temporary restraining order against her for 60 days. Gutman also requested that she be given back the rights to her name, as well as sole control of the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts.

On December 30, Gutman's representative told Business Insider that JLM refused to resume negotiations "and set multiple untenable preconditions before even returning to negotiations."

"Their response indicates their decision to ignore the will of their bridal salon customers and their ultimate clients," the same representative said. "We are confident justice will prevail."

In response, JLM's representative told Business Insider that it is "blatantly untrue" that the company declined Gutman's offer.

"We have repeatedly reached out to Hayley's legal team and, without preconditions, told them we want to talk," they said. "JLM remains committed to resolving the differences between the parties, but to do that Hayley and her team will need to engage in conversations with us. We hope that Hayley's public statements of wanting to negotiate are sincere, and if they are we look forward to having those conversations."

Gutman announced she filed an official response to JLM's lawsuit on January 12, 2021.

hayley paige counter suit
Gutman legally responded to JLM's lawsuit.@allthatglittersonthegram/Instagram

In the filing, which Business Insider reviewed, Gutman asserted that the @misshayleypaige account was always her personal account, providing years' worth of screenshots as evidence.

In her own declaration that was filed with the response, Gutman stated that she started two social-media accounts — a Facebook page in 2004 and a Twitter account in 2009 — with the @misshayleypaige handle before she started working with JLM. She also pointed out that her first six Instagram posts were personal in nature.

The response noted that the @misshayleypaige account was verified as a "public figure" account in 2017, making it an account for a person rather than a company, though the page was later changed to be verified as a "clothing brand."

The filing went on to provide declarations from JLM employees who viewed the account as Gutman's personal page, as well as emails from employees who referred to the @misshayleypaige account as Gutman's page. The documents also included an excerpt of an email from Murphy regarding his view of the company's ownership of the Hayley Paige name.

"As far as [your] personal investment (regarding JLM) it really is only related to Hayley Paige wedding gowns and related categories," Murphy wrote to Gutman via email in 2019. "Rest assured, I do not claim access to your persona beyond what I describe above."

In addition, the motion claimed that the followers of the @misshayleypaige Instagram account noticed when JLM took over posting to the page for Gutman and commented messages supporting Gutman, indicating the page was not the same without her personal voice.

In a statement to Business Insider, Gutman said, "I have always taken my contractual obligations seriously, and lived up to every one of them, but for JLM that was not enough."

"Today's response is my first opportunity to describe to the Court the misrepresentations and false claims that JLM Couture made in their emergency filing," she added. "I believe that upon review of all of the facts, justice will be done."

Gutman shared the news of the response with her followers in an Instagram video on January 12, 2021, and she even added a link to the lawsuit to the bio of the @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram page, allowing her followers to look at the document.

"I want you to take this journey along with me, and I have always valued transparency," she said of why she added the link.

On January 22, 2021, JLM filed a memorandum in support of its temporary restraining order.

hayley paige gutman
JLM doubled down on its claims.Mireya Acierto / Contributor / Getty Images

JLM filed papers directly refuting the claims Gutman made against the company in her response to the lawsuit.

The memorandum doubled down on JLM's stance that Gutman was never the owner of the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts, arguing that the existence of personal posts on the main Instagram account did not indicate that she owned the page.

Gutman submitted 300 photos in her filing to demonstrate that the @misshayleypaige account was personal in nature, but the JLM team noted that the account had 5,879 posts at the time, which meant 95% of the posts were business-related.

Likewise, the memorandum pointed to instances in which Gutman got approval from JLM or Murphy for what language she should use in non-bridal-related posts, including a post she made about her divorce, which JLM cited as evidence that Gutman thought the page was owned by the company.

In addition, the memorandum addressed the emails Gutman included in her briefing from JLM employees who referred to the @misshayleypaige Instagram as her account, writing that those employees were not "in positions where they were privy to the details regarding JLM's contractual arrangements with, assignment of duties to or acquisition of rights from Gutman."

The memorandum also noted that Gutman's "false and misleading smear campaign against JLM" (i.e. her recent social-media posts regarding the lawsuit) was harming the Hayley Paige business, as stores had stopped working with JLM after Gutman went public about the lawsuit.

Gutman's employment contract with JLM was valid through August 2022, and it included a non-compete clause that was valid for five years after her employment ended. In the memorandum, JLM argued Gutman's social-media activity at the time breached that clause, since it had led bridal stores to stop working with the brand.

When BI reached out to Gutman's team for comment on the memorandum, a spokesperson refuted JLM's statements.

"JLM's latest claims, like their earlier ones, are full of assertions that are unsupported by the facts of the case," the spokesperson said. "They fail to address the evidence we presented to the Court, and we are looking forward to being heard."

The hearing took place on February 4, 2021.

On March 5, 2021, JLM was granted a preliminary injunction against Gutman.

hayley paige gutman
JLM was granted a preliminary injunction.D Dipasupil / Contributor / Getty Images

After a month of deliberation, a judge ruled in JLM's favor, as stated in a JLM press release.

"Judge Swain found that JLM demonstrated a clear likelihood of success in proving Hayley Paige Gutman breached her employment contract and infringed the company's trademark," the press release stated.

The ruling prevented Gutman from using any @misshayleypaige social-media accounts or Hayley Paige trademarks.

"Mr. Murphy continues to recognize and value Ms. Gutman's talent and remains hopeful that JLM and Ms. Gutman can reconcile their differences," the press release stated.

Since the ruling was a preliminary injunction, an additional hearing was held at a later date to examine the legal issues between JLM and Gutman.

"I'm disappointed in JLM's actions but determined to look to the future rather than the past," Gutman told Business Insider in a statement regarding the ruling.

"They have taken my name, and my social media for now, but JLM's business is built on the goodwill of amazing women, and I believe they will be accountable to these women for what they have done," she added.

Gutman announced she would be changing her professional name on Instagram on March 8, 2021.

hayley paige
Gutman decided to change her professional name.Instagram/allthatglittersonthegram

In response to the lawsuit, Gutman announced on the @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram account that she would be changing her name so she could continue to do business unassociated with JLM.

"I may have lost this round in court, but the bigger story is about a 'girl you might know,' who is determined to pave her own future," Gutman said in the video. "I refuse to be nameless, and I refuse to be jobless. Since they have taken my name, I've decided to change it, officially and professionally."

"I will not be reduced by what has been taken from me," she added.

Gutman had not picked her new professional name yet, and she asked her followers to help her choose a moniker in the video. She requested they choose a name that had zero association with her birth name.

"It has to be brand new," Gutman said. "It can't be based off my birth name or anything I've done with JLM. They are a part of my past, and this is my future."

JLM declined to comment on Gutman's decision to change her name.

JLM posted a statement about the lawsuit on its corporate Instagram account on March 9, 2021.

jlm statement
JLM released a new statement.JLM Couture

JLM Couture took to Instagram again on March 9, 2021, to make a general statement that addressed both the court ruling and Gutman's most recent video.

"Intellectual property is the cornerstone of every modern business, especially in the fashion industry," the statement read. "JLM takes these rights very seriously, which is why Ms. Gutman's employment agreement clearly and unambiguously set out Ms. Gutman's obligations, what rights were being acquired and what restrictions would be imposed on Ms. Gutman, all of which she freely and knowingly agreed to."

"While JLM will never deny Ms. Gutman's talent, JLM rejects Ms. Gutman's accusations as well as her version of business ethics," the statement went on to say. "Ms. Gutman testified in court that she does not believe that a material omission is a form of a lie. JLM does not subscribe to that version of 'business ethics' or how she is trying to mislead the public about the facts or the case or her own motivations."

"In her public statements Ms. Gutman omits the overwhelming evidence submitted to the court that these social media accounts were an integral part of the Hayley Paige brand business and marketing strategy, and were run as such, including admissions to that effect in her own emails," the statement also said.

The statement went on to say that Gutman hadn't told her followers that she had "secretly licensed" her name to her fiancé so she could do business through him and avoid the terms of her contract. The statement also noted that Gutman used the @misshayleypaige accounts to promote Chosen Foods and Optimum, which violated her contract with JLM.

"JLM does not subscribe to her version of business ethics where consumers and followers are misled and not given the facts," the statement said. "When the court considered all of the actual evidence and facts in the case, it rejected her arguments."

"JLM strongly encourages anyone interested in this case to read the court's entire decision and reach their own conclusions," it said, adding a link to the court decision to the bio of its Instagram.

Gutman responded to JLM's Instagram post in a statement to Business Insider on March 9, 2021.

Gutman responded to JLM via a statement to Business Insider.Instagram/allthatglittersonthegram

Gutman told Business Insider via email that she was "making changes in my life and moving forward," when asked for comment on JLM's post. "That's why I am changing my name."

"JLM Couture is a company that relies entirely on women for its business, but it continues to treat women with utter disrespect," Gutman went on to say. "JLM took control of my social media and never informed the followers of these accounts that they are speaking with a corporation, not me."

"JLM has also turned off comments on both my social media channels and their own, which is both deceptive and disrespectful to the thousands of strong women who have shared their opinion about JLM's actions, only to find their words deleted and their ability to speak squelched," she added. "This is part of a disrespectful pattern of behavior that is the exact reason I started working towards a separation agreement last summer."

"Instead of working with me in good faith, they ignored my requests while they were secretly preparing this litigation to take from me by force what they could not get any other way," she said. "Based on the opinion of those who have communicated with me, and attempted to communicate with them, I believe they have made a terrible mistake."

"I have always believed that my social media accounts belonged to me," Gutman told Business Insider. "I started my Instagram account on my own accord and shared a deeply personal view into my life. I am disappointed by the court's temporary ruling, but confident that the ultimate outcome will be favorable."

"In the interim, I am moving forward with my life and my creative passions," she said. "Changing my name is the first step towards a new future, but it is certainly not the last. Stay tuned."

Hayley Paige Gutman filed a counterclaim against JLM Couture and CEO Joe Murphy on March 22, 2021.

hayley paige
Gutman filed a counterclaim.Eugene Gologursky / Contributor / Getty Images

On March 22, 2021, Gutman filed a counterclaim against JLM, denying many of the company's allegations against her, including that she misused the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts.

Business Insider was able to review the counterclaim, which contained new allegations against the company.

In the counterclaim, Gutman said that JLM withheld compensation from her in the form of both her base pay and additional compensation she said she was supposed to receive.

The claim said that JLM "willfully failed to pay and/or unlawfully deducted the Additional Compensation due to Hayley" over the past six years. The amount of money Gutman said was withheld from her was redacted in the copy of the counterclaim.

The counterclaim also said that JLM defamed Gutman in private and public following her departure from the company in December. For instance, the counterclaim argued that JLM's claim that Gutman changed the passwords on her social-media accounts following the Temporary Restraining Order isn't true and was an attempt to defame her.

Gutman also sued the CEO of JLM Couture, Joe Murphy, in addition to the company, alleging that he created a hostile work environment for her, made sexually inappropriate comments, and "engaged in sexual harassment of other(s)."

In the counterclaim, Gutman alleged that Joe Murphy sexually harassed JLM employees. JLM denied the allegations in a statement sent to Business Insider.

Gutman accused Murphy of sexual harassment. JLM denied the allegations.Instagram/allthatglittersonthegram

The counterclaim said that "JLM forced Hayley to endure a workplace of fear, harassment, and inappropriate behavior" as a direct result of Murphy's leadership. JLM denied these allegations in a statement provided to Business Insider, calling the claims "fictitious."

Gutman alleged that women who had romantic relationships with Murphy were given preferential treatment, such as more flexible work hours.

The counterclaim said that Gutman knew of at least three romantic relationships Murphy had with women who were his subordinates, including a sexual relationship in which Murphy apparently fathered a child while he was married to someone else. While most employees were not named in the counterclaim, it mentioned one woman — who, according to the complaint, had a sexual relationship with Murphy — by name. The employee named in the counterclaim did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider on this story.

In addition, the counterclaim said that Murphy would put down women who rejected him. For instance, Gutman said that Murphy made negative comments about a female JLM employee's boyfriend and critiqued her work to Gutman after the employee had denied his advances.

The counterclaim said Murphy told Gutman over text messages that the employee who rejected him "is put together differently psychologically and needs to be micromanaged" and that she "can't delegate [...] has no aptitude, cannot keep track of time nor multitask."

According to the counterclaim, Murphy's inappropriate behavior was well known throughout the company and often occurred in public.

For instance, Gutman said that "Murphy commented on an intern's blouse and said, 'I didn't know it was a wet T-shirt day' in front of other JLM employees" on one occasion.

Gutman also said that Murphy made sexist comments about motherhood to her, saying that employees who had children "were performing poorly because of their familial status."

In the counterclaim, Gutman said that Murphy harassed her on multiple occasions. JLM also denied these allegations in its statement.

Gutman alleged Murphy sexually harassed her. JLM denied the allegations.Instagram/allthatglittersonthegram

The counterclaim went on to say that Murphy directly harassed Gutman, alleging that he made inappropriate comments about her body on multiple occasions. JLM also denied these allegations in its statement to Business Insider, saying that Gutman "was always treated with the utmost respect" at the company.

The counterclaim said that Murphy compared Gutman to a JLM employee he was dating, invited her to his Florida beach house for a recreational trip, and made her feel physically unsafe at work.

"Murphy would often summon Hayley to a crammed secluded back office, use his physically imposing nature to block the door, and engage in inappropriate and invasive personal conversations into Hayley's romantic relationships, sex life, and family life," the counterclaim said.

In these meetings, according to the counterclaim, Murphy encouraged Gutman to discuss her relationship with her fiancé and then told her that her relationship was "really not good for" her as it distracted her from work.

The counterclaim said that Gutman was so uncomfortable in these meetings that she began "to hide a sharp object in her pants or dress to use to defend herself in case Murphy tried to physically touch her."

According to the counterclaim, Gutman experienced "hair loss, circulation issues, trouble sleeping, and sought therapy as a direct result of the work environment at JLM and interactions with Murphy."

In its statement sent to Business Insider, JLM denied the allegations made in Gutman's counterclaim.

hayley paige
JLM denied the claims.Instagram/allthatglittersonthegram

"JLM Couture Inc. is appalled by the new false allegations made by Hayley Gutman in her March 22 court filing," the statement obtained by Business Insider read.

It continued: "Ms. Gutman only brought these fictitious claims now, after the court agreed with JLM and issued a significant Preliminary Injunction against her, to malign in the media the outstanding reputation of the company and Chief Executive Joe Murphy."

"Ms. Gutman continues to promote a false narrative regarding the terms of her employment contract, compensation, and trademark rights, including social media handles and how and where she can use the designer name," the statement went on to say.

"For years, Ms. Gutman was the highest-compensated employee of JLM Couture," the statement read. "JLM denies claims by Ms. Gutman regarding a hostile work environment or that Ms. Gutman was harassed or mistreated in any way. On the contrary, she was always treated with the utmost respect."

JLM announced Francesca Pitera would be designing a new line of Hayley Paige gowns on April 9, 2021.

Francesca Pitera is designing new gowns for Hayley Paige
Francesca Pitera.Instagram/@jlm_couture

The company made the announcement on the JLM Couture Instagram account.

"Happy Fri-YAY," the post read. "We are thrilled to announce that new Hayley Paige gowns are coming your way soon by our new lead designer, Francesca Pitera."

The company also shared a sneak peek at the new Hayley Paige capsule collection on its stories.

Comments were disabled on the post.

JLM filed a lawsuit against Gutman and her fiancé on May 3, 2021.

hayley paige and fiance
JLM filed a lawsuit against Conrad Louis, Gutman's fiancé.Slaven Vlasic / Stringer / Getty Images

JLM filed a new complaint against Gutman and her fiancé Conrad Louis Clevlen, who goes by Conrad Louis on social media, on May 3.

The complaint, which Business Insider reviewed, accused the couple of copyright infringement, breach of contract, defamation, and other charges.

It said that Clevlen helped Gutman breach her contract with JLM by facilitating the use of her name by companies like Optimum Nutrition, Inc. without JLM's consent.

In addition, the complaint said that Clevlen "allowed Gutman to receive payments through his contract" with Optimum in an attempt to do business behind JLM's back.

A JLM spokesperson provided Business Insider with a screenshot of an email in which Gutman told an Optimum staff member that she was "happy to have all payments go through Conrad's contract."

JLM also accused Gutman of defamation, saying in the complaint that her Instagram videos about the legal issues between herself and the company had impacted business. The complaint said Gutman's videos had led at least 50 bridal stores to stop working with JLM and 35 stores to rescind orders from the company.

JLM asked for a trial by jury and damages from Gutman and Clevlen in the lawsuit.

It requested damages from Gutman and Clevlen on 18 counts, asking for at least $8.95 million.

In a statement provided to Business Insider, a representative for Gutman said she denied JLM's allegations and that her team would be filing a response "in due course."

"JLM has concocted a series of harassing and false claims about both Conrad and Hayley with the clear intention of shutting down their ability to express their opinions about JLM and the merits of their litigation," Gutman's representative said.

"I've always felt that JLM was focused on controlling me personally, and this latest lawsuit is further evidence of that, and another reason why I resigned… from a very hostile organization," Gutman said in a statement to Business Insider.

"It is disheartening to see them attempt to control what I can say, and even sadder to see them bring in my fiancé to try to further hurt our lives," she added.

Gutman told her followers about JLM's lawsuit against herself and Clevlen via Instagram on May 4, 2021.

Hayley Paige announces JLM is suing her fiance
Gutman made an Instagram video about the lawsuit.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

Although JLM was suing Gutman for defamation because of her Instagram videos, she posted a new video on May 4 — the anniversary of the day she met Conrad Louis — to announce that JLM was suing him.

"Unfortunately, we woke up to news that JLM has now sued Conrad personally related to his using of my own birth name," Gutman said in the video. "Of all days for this to happen, I find it particularly personal and heartwrenching that they picked today, May the fourth, that is so meaningful to us both."

The lawsuit reviewed by Business Insider was dated May 3, 2021.

"I feel that JLM is targeting my fiancé now because they see him as an opportunity to further drag out this lawsuit and further drain us financially," Gutman said. "I believe this is a shameful affront to common decency and sets a terrible precedent for human beings on social media."

"But unfortunately, this is the kind of behavior that is completely consistent with the way I was treated while working at JLM," Gutman went on to say. "If there was ever a time you had any doubts about JLM's motivations in this lawsuit, I feel that dragging my fiancé into this is proof of their desire to escalate and exercise ill will against me, against my loved ones, against a community, or anyone that wants to support me."

Gutman also noted in the video that she had been withholding from posting videos regarding the lawsuit on @allthatglittersonthegram because JLM was suing her for defamation due to other videos she made regarding her legal issues with the company.

"JLM is now trying to charge me with defamation for my public videos, like the one you're watching right now," she told her followers. "This has been my only legal outlet to let people know what has happened, and I will not be scared into staying quiet."

"In fact, with every single attempt JLM makes to muzzle me or drag down my loved ones and supporters, it only ignites greater purpose and meaning in my life," Gutman added.

Gutman ended the video by saying her name and new brand were on their way, though she added that "there have been some pretty aggressive attempts to distract" her from launching a new bridal brand.

"I will not allow pettiness and injustice to outrun my dreams," she said.

A representative for JLM denied Gutman's statements on Instagram to Business Insider.

hayley paige lawsuit
JLM responded to Gutman via a statement to Business Insider.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

A JLM spokesperson rebuked a myriad of Gutman's claims to Business Insider on May 5, including her assertion that JLM is attempting to silence her.

"JLM is not trying to keep Ms. Gutman quiet – only to stop her from defaming the company," the spokesperson said.

As an example, the spokesperson specifically pointed Business Insider to a video from December 21 in which Gutman said JLM was "controlling, manipulative, and bullying" as an example of her defamatory statements.

In addition, the JLM spokesperson told Business Insider that the significance of May 4 to the couple was a coincidence.

"The company filed its First Amended Complaint, on May 3, because that was the deadline to make such a filing as agreed to by Ms. Gutman's attorneys and ordered by the Court," the spokesperson told Business Insider. "JLM was not aware of the date that Ms. Gutman and Mr. Clevlen first met."

The same representative told Business Insider that JLM sued Clevlen after learning more about his involvement with Gutman's business endeavors.

"JLM Couture filed a First Amended Complaint naming Mr. Clevlen as a defendant because, since filing its original Complaint in December 2020, it has come to learn the specific role Mr. Clevlen has played in facilitating and profiting from side deals by improperly using JLM's exclusive trademarks," the spokesperson said. "JLM alleges that Mr. Clevlen used the @misshayleypaige trademarks, without the consent of JLM, to secure third-party side deals."

A judge denied Gutman's request to dissolve the preliminary injunction against her on June 2, 2021.

Hayley. Paige Gutman
The request to dissolve the injunction was denied.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

Gutman filed a motion to request that a judge dissolve the preliminary injunction against her, which prevented her from using her name for business endeavors.

Her team argued that JLM breached its contract with her by not paying her salary or commission for 2020 or giving her health insurance after she resigned in December 2020.

The judge denied the request in a memorandum, which Business Insider was able to review, as Gutman did not provide evidence for her claims before the injunction was granted. The judge said she was essentially asking the court to relitigate the preliminary injunction, which goes against precedent in the Second Circuit, where the case was heard.

In addition, the judge ruled that Gutman's "legal arguments also fail on their merits," as she did not provide ample evidence for her claims, according to the court documents.

For instance, JLM argued the contract between the company and Gutman was conditional on her "full, prompt and faithful performance of all the duties and services" to the company, and Gutman did not properly refute that claim.

"Ms. Gutman did not refute in her reply, or at oral argument respond meaningfully to, JLM's assertion of the Contract's conditional nature, at least with respect to base compensation and benefits," the judge wrote. "Instead, in her reply submission, Ms. Gutman simply asserted in conclusory fashion that there is 'no question' that JLM's failure to pay her compensation and benefits is a material breach of the Contract."

Because the preliminary injunction was not dissolved, Gutman proceeded with an appeal of the ruling.

Gutman posted a video about the ruling on Instagram on June 7, 2021.

Hayley Paige Gutman
Gutman appealed the preliminary injunction.Slaven Vlasic / Stringer / Getty Images

Gutman took to Instagram again on June 7 to share an update with her followers on her legal proceedings with JLM.

In the video, she discussed the judge's denial to dissolve the preliminary injunction and said that JLM argued that it did not owe Gutman her 2020 commission.

Gutman also said that the company claimed she was paid commission from 2017 to 2019 because of an "error."

"This is what I'm talking about when I say this industry deserves more from JLM. More authenticity, more transparency, and more accountability," Gutman said in the video. "I can't help but feel that all this time and money and effort that JLM has spent trying to tear me down over the last six months is so misguided."

"I am just disappointed in how they have handled this situation," Gutman went on to say.

A spokesperson for JLM rebutted Gutman's allegations.

"Ms. Gutman misrepresents the papers submitted by JLM and misconstrues the decisions of the Court," a spokesperson for JLM told Business Insider. "As anyone following this can see, Ms. Gutman has tried on three separate occasions to get the Court to agree to her position and on all three the Court has, using very strong language, agreed with JLM."

"Additionally, an appeal is a right granted to all litigants who lose," the spokesperson added.

In the same video, Gutman announced she would be launching a fashion label under a new name in August of 2022.

Hayley Paige Gutman
Gutman announced she would be launching a new fashion line.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

Although the judge did not dissolve the preliminary injunction, the order did clarify that Gutman would be able to launch a new business in the bridal industry in August 2022.

"The judge clarified in her order that I will be allowed to reenter the bridal industry and start designing again under a different brand name in August of 2022," Gutman told her followers. "It is such a relief to have a date to set my sights on."

Gutman exclusively told Business Insider at the time that she hoped to explore products outside the bridal industry with her new business.

"In addition to reentering the bridal space I was meant to be in, I absolutely am exploring new categories where I have received interest from my community," she told Business Insider. "I am excited that my reentry is so soon and that I have a year to develop brand new ideas. "

But even as she planned for her new venture, Gutman wasn't giving up on being able to use "Hayley Paige" again someday.

"This is active litigation. The decisions made so far are preliminary, based only on the limited evidence that the Court has seen," she said. "There is still a long way left to go."

On June 18, 2021, JLM sent Gutman's lawyer a letter saying it would file a motion for contempt if Gutman did not remove the video she posted about her intention to launch a new bridal brand.

A screenshot of a list of demands for Hayley Paige Gutman.
JLM sent Gutman's lawyers a letter demanding she remove the video.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

The letter stated Gutman was "fragrantly violating the Preliminary Injunction by engaging in the marketing of her newly announced competitive bridal brand" with both the video and her comments about her new brand to media outlets.

Indeed, Business Insider's coverage of Gutman's announcement was cited in the letter as evidence of Gutman's violation of the Injunction, as she gave BI exclusive comments about the new brand and shared a BI article about it to her @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram story.

The letter said Gutman's actions violated the preliminary injunction because "while the Court modified its order to clarify that Ms. Gutman was enjoined from the identified competitive actions '[u]ntil August 1, 2022' it did not give Ms. Gutman affirmative permission to design under a different name."

It continued to say that JLM's contract with Gutman prevented her from working or designing for brands that competed with JLM for five years.

That element of the contract had yet to be discussed in the legal proceedings between the company and Gutman, and BI's previous coverage of Gutman's plans to create a new brand noted that the timing of her new launch was dependent on future litigation with JLM, not just the preliminary injunction.

The letter then listed seven demands of Gutman by June 21, including removing the video from June 7 from the @allthatglittersonthegram account and issuing a public retraction about the new brand both on Instagram and to BI.

"To the extent these issues are not resolved immediately, JLM will be seeking relief from the Court, which will include equitable relief ordering the above as well as damages available, including but not limited to sanctions for Ms. Gutman's contempt," it read.

Gutman removed the video. However, she did not issue a retraction to BI.

Gutman posted the letter in its entirety to Instagram on June 25, 2021.

A screenshot of an email letter on Instagram.
Gutman posted the letter to the @allthatglittersonthegram account.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

Gutman shared the letter in the form of screenshots.

"A few days ago, we received a letter from JLM's lawyers demanding that I take down the video I posted on June 7 and threatening to file a motion for contempt and sanctions against me," she captioned the post.

"Just so everyone is absolutely clear, the Court's preliminary injunction preventing me from working in bridal and competing with JLM, expires on August 1, 2022," Gutman went on. "Until then, I look forward to launching a new brand, under a new name, and in a new field outside of bridal or any other category that JLM is currently involved in."

"After the preliminary injunction expires, I hope to re-enter bridal with a splash 🧜🏼‍♀️ and under a new name," she added.

A spokesperson for JLM said the company "stands behind" its letter in a statement provided to Business Insider.

"JLM stands behind its positions in the letter sent to Ms. Gutman's counsel. The letter was a good faith attempt to resolve the issues to avoid having to make a motion for contempt, including asking that the videos be taken down and Ms. Gutman issue corrective statements on Instagram and with," the spokesperson said.

"Ms. Gutman has refused, instead electing to further try to incite ill-will towards JLM Couture," they went on to say.

"JLM Couture will be seeking relief from the Court and will be filing a motion for contempt," the spokesperson said.

On July 15, 2021, JLM officially filed a motion to hold Gutman in contempt of court.

A woman sits in a room with windows and looks off into the distance.
The motion was filed on July 15.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

JLM filed the motion and a memorandum of law to explain the motion, which Business Insider was able to review. The memo cited Gutman's social-media use and comments to the media, including Business Insider, as violations of the preliminary injunction issued against her, saying she was building a base of support for her new brand.

It stated that "Gutman's clear and admitted intent is to use the time the non-compete is in effect to market and promote the brand, build her consumer base and design her collection, so that her dresses can go on sale with a built-in customer base the day her non-compete ends" in August 2022.

JLM's memo said the @allthatglittersonthegram video in which Gutman announced she would be launching a new brand under a new name next year was a form of marketing.

The memo cited comments under the video from brides who said they planned to buy from Gutman's new line as evidence that her content violated the preliminary injunction.

The memo also cited a Business Insider article about the new line that featured exclusive comments from Gutman, as well as the fact that Gutman shared the story to Instagram with the "swipe up" feature, as evidence of the violation.

"This the exact type of competitive harm that the non-compete provision was intended to prevent," the motion read.

The memo also cited sketches Gutman shared to the @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram as evidence of her violation of the preliminary injunction.

A screenshot of an Instagram reel of a woman drawing a sketch of a wedding dress.
The memo cited sketches as evidence.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

The memo also said sketches Gutman shared on the @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram were violations of the preliminary injunction.

It stated that JLM sold her sketches as part of the Hayley Paige brand and used them for marketing purposes, so her posts violated the non-compete clause. It also said that a video she posted of herself drawing on June 21 included a sketch owned by JLM.

The memo went on to say that because Gutman did not remove the video about the new name, did not retract her statements to Business Insider, and continued to post videos of herself sketching to @allthatglittersonthegram, JLM filed the motion of contempt. The company requested the court hold Gutman in civil contempt and order financial and equitable sanctions against her for the violations in the motion.

JLM also wanted the court to require Gutman to remove three posts from the @allthatglittersonthegram account and be "enjoined" from announcing her new name before the non-compete agreement expired.

Gutman shared the news of the motion with her fans on the @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram account on July 20, 2021.

A woman sits in a room with windows and holds a hand to her chest.
Gutman discussed the motion of contempt on Instagram.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

"I continue to believe that this is just another attempt to prevent me from talking with you about this litigation and prevent me from shining any kind of light on what JLM is doing," Gutman said in the video.

"At this point, seven grueling months into this dispute, I feel like nothing is enough for JLM," she said in the video. "I feel like they just want me to sit down and shut up."

Gutman also said in the video that JLM "is now messaging people on Instagram and saying they've tried to settle with me many times and that I refuse to engage in settlement." She went on to say that was false and that she remained "very open and willing to solve this dispute in a professional and business-oriented way," adding that she had made a settlement proposal while JLM had not.

"This is an ill-considered effort by JLM to try to control public conversation about their poor decisions," a representative for Gutman told Business Insider. "JLM continues to prohibit most public comment on the various social media channels they control, and has gone so far as to delete prior negative comments about their actions."

"In combination with this latest effort to use the courts to avoid public opinion, it's clear that JLM is suffering great harm from the litigation they started. They have no one but themselves to blame," the representative went on to say.

JLM reiterated the contents of the motion for contempt in a statement to Business Insider.

"JLM Couture Inc. was forced on July 15 to seek relief in Federal Court after Ms. Gutman's continuous flagrant violations of Judge Laura Taylor Swain's order," a spokesperson for JLM said. "Ms. Gutman was asked to stop violating Judge Swain's order and to take down the infringing videos and posts – but she refused. This left JLM Couture no choice but to seek immediate relief from the court."

"Ms. Gutman's video released this morning continues to promote a false and misleading narrative with reference to the contempt motion itself and the interactions between the parties," the spokesperson went on to say.

Gutman said JLM's actions didn't "surprise" her in a statement to Business Insider.

"It does not surprise me that JLM continues to blame me instead of acknowledging the impact of its own actions; and that JLM continues to want to silence and restrain me instead of looking for ways to move forward in a professional, business-minded way," she said. "This contempt motion's vitriol speaks for itself."

Gutman was held in contempt of court on September 8, 2021.

Hayley Paige Gutman wears a black hat.
A judge found Gutman was in contempt of court.Eugene Gologursky / Contributor / Getty Images

JLM's request to hold Gutman in contempt was partially granted.

As stated in a memorandum reviewed by Business Insider, the court found that Gutman was marketing her upcoming brand with her posts and comments to Business Insider. Because her future brand would directly compete with JLM, it was ruled that Gutman's posts and comments put her in willful, civil contempt of the preliminary injunction issued in March.

The court decided that Gutman was enjoined from "announcing a new brand name in the context of a present or future commercial venture involving" bridal wear, bridal accessories, evening wear, or any other products sold by JLM until the preliminary injunction expired in August of 2022.

According to the memorandum, Gutman would have to pay JLM's "reasonable attorneys' fees and costs" because she violated the terms of the preliminary injunction.

She was also ordered to delete Instagram posts from the @allthatglittersonthegram post related to her plans for a new brand from May 7, June 7, June 21, June 25, and July 15, 2021, within five days of the ruling, as stated in the memorandum.

Gutman shared the news on the @allthatglittersonthegram account on September 9, 2021.

A screenshot of a post on Instagram.
Gutman posted about the ruling on Instagram.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram.

"My former employer, JLM Couture, sought and was granted a contempt order against me in Federal Court which requires that I delete several videos and posts that I have made here on Instagram by September 13, 2021," Gutman wrote in her post. "I want to apologize to those of you who poured your heart and time into comments on these videos and posts. I am grateful for your support, and your love, and I want you to know that I love everyone of you right back."

As of September 9, Gutman had not deleted every post required from the @allthatglittersonthegram account, though some of them appeared to have been removed at the time. As of Tuesday, they were no longer on the account.

Gutman said she was unable to comment on this matter when contacted by Business Insider.

In a press release shared with Business Insider on September 9, 2021, a JLM spokesperson said: "JLM is pleased with the outcome of this decision, although it is unfortunate that it has come to this. The Court issued a clear PI based upon the rights and provisions that Ms. Gutman voluntarily, knowingly, and intelligently agreed to, which Ms. Gutman has flagrantly violated."

"JLM repeatedly tried to obtain Ms. Gutman's compliance before making this motion, but Ms. Gutman refused," the spokesperson went on to say. "It is JLM's hope that Ms. Gutman will respect her contractual obligations and the Court's Orders in the future."

Gutman reflected on one year of legal battles with JLM Couture on December 14, 2021.

A screenshot of an Instagram post from @allthatglittersonthegram.
Gutman posted on @allthatglittersonthegram on December 14, 2021.Instagram/@allthatglittersonthegram

On December 14, Gutman marked the one-year anniversary of the start of her legal issues with JLM couture with an Instagram post.

"It has been one year since I was sued in a federal court by the employer I dedicated over 9 years of my life," the post read. "Instead of fearing or caving in, I stood up for myself."

Gutman then went on to catalog the legal entanglements that ensued between her and JLM over the past year, including her recent decision to appeal her case to the Second Circuit.

She also said in the post that her ongoing legal battle with JLM "drained me financially of all the money I ever made as a designer and most of my life savings, while continuing to profit from my designs and name."

Gutman finished the post by thanking her followers and asking them to share her message, signing the post as "A Girl You Might Know."

On July 25, 2022, the court denied Gutman's motion to dissolve the preliminary injunction and modified part of the injunction in JLM's favor.

Gutman's request to dissolve the preliminary injunction was denied in a memorandum order in July 2022, meaning she was still prevented from using any @misshayleypaige social-media accounts or trademarks.

A separate opinion and order modifying the preliminary injunction also stated Gutman would be able to work in the bridal industry or any other industry that competes with JLM Couture starting on August 1, 2022; however, she could not be "identified" as a designer or use her identity to promote the sales of a business in competition with JLM Couture until August 1, 2027.

So while Gutman could theoretically work as a designer for another label, that brand would not be able to use her fame to sell dresses.

"We are pleased that the Court continues to uphold the 'clear and unambiguous' language of the employment contract that provided with Ms. Gutman with generous compensation as well as complete financial and infrustructural backing for the Hayley Paige brand and afforded her exclusive opportunities for fame and success," JLM said of the rulings in a press release shared with Business Insider.

Gutman did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment on the matter.

The designer announced she had changed her name to Cheval on August 8, 2022.

The designer announced her new name in a video on Instagram in August 2022 and spoke to Business Insider exclusively about why she chose Cheval, which means "horse" in French.

She said she stumbled upon the name Cheval organically at a meeting with some of her business mentors.

"We were at a place that had the name Cheval," she said. "I've always been somebody that's been drawn to imaginary unicorns and imaginative mindsets. And horses kind of always represented something of fortitude and strength and this idea of running against the wind."

"I just felt immediately drawn to Cheval as a real name and an identity that I could step into and feel really proud of," she said of her decision.

Cheval also said using one name felt right because of many of the artists she looks up to, like Adele and Beyoncé.

"Choosing something that is just one name felt like I could harness the energy and power that I want to carry going forward," she said.

She launched a shoe brand to accompany the name called She Is Cheval.

JLM Couture filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a Delaware court on October 2, 2023.

A pen on top of a paper that says "Chapter 11 Bankruptcy."
JLM filed for bankruptcy.FuzzMartin/Getty Images

When they file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, companies can restructure with government assistance rather than selling their assets to appease debtors.

In a press release shared at the time of its bankruptcy filing, JLM said Gutman was among the reasons it filed for bankruptcy.

"The primary motivators for this decision stems from external challenges including the actions of Hayley Paige Gutman and pressure from legacy creditors, including potential liability stemming from New York City landlord-tenant issues aggravated by the pandemic," the statement said.

Business Insider reviewed JLM's bankruptcy filing, which Joe Murphy signed on behalf of the company.

The Second Circuit vacated a portion of JLM's preliminary injunction against Gutman in January 2024.

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Hayley Paige in 2018.Anna Webber/Getty Images for The Pink Agenda

Gutman filed another appeal of the New York District Court's preliminary injunction ruling against her in September 2023 to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

On January 17, the Second Circuit vacated a modification the New York District Court made of JLM's preliminary injunction. The modification had given JLM exclusive control of the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts.

In an order reviewed by Business Insider, the Second Circuit said the District Court should have viewed the @misshayleypaige accounts as property when analyzing the case, which would have altered the proceedings.

"The analysis of social-media-account ownership begins where other property-ownership analyses usually begin—by determining the account's original owner," the order stated. "The next step is to determine whether ownership ever transferred to another party. If a claimant is not the original owner and cannot locate their claim in a chain of valid transfers, they do not own the account."

Because the Second Circuit vacated that part of the preliminary injunction, the New York District Court had to look at the case again.

Gutman filed a motion on April 15 that would require JLM to sell its assets in its bankruptcy filing instead of restructuring.

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Hayley Paige Gutman filed a motion in JLM's bankruptcy case.@allthatglittersonthegram/Instagram

While she awaited a revised ruling from the New York District Court, Gutman also filed a motion in JLM's bankruptcy filing as a "party in interest" in the case.

In the motion reviewed by Business Insider, Gutman argued that JLM's filing should be transferred to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, which would require the company to sell off assets rather than reorganize.

Gutman's motion said that JLM's financial issues were likely to continue for years to come in part because of its ongoing litigation with her, which she estimated would "exceed $750,000" each year their legal issues continue. She added that JLM's legal action against Gutman had led to a "decline of relationships with important retailers," further harming its finances.

Gutman's motion also noted that the company's revenue declined 65% from 2018 to 2022 and said that the company had not reviewed its finances correctly in its bankruptcy filing, "which suggests that the Debtor's financial state is over $3.4 million worse than expected."

Gutman told BI in May that she saw bankruptcy court as a way to approach her issues with JLM "from a different perspective."

"I wasn't really seeing litigation as a place where there were going to be winners and losers," she said. "I saw it as almost like an infinite game. So I was like, 'I need to choose a new path.'"

On Apil 30, JLM objected to the motion in a separate filing reviewed by Business Insider.

"The Motion should be denied as a transparent effort by a former employee to push her own agenda of destroying the Debtor to the detriment of the best interests of all creditors," its filing said.

On May 8, the New York District Court ordered JLM to reinstate Gutman's access to the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts.

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The District Court modified its ruling.Courtesy of Hayley Paige Gutman

In a memorandum reviewed by Business Insider, the New York District Court dissolved and modified sections of the preliminary injunction modification JLM was granted against Gutman in March 2023.

The memorandum stated that "JLM has failed to carry its burden of demonstrating a clear or substantial likelihood of success in establishing that it was the original owner or transferee of" the @misshayleypaige accounts using the Second Circuit's legal framework, so its request to control Gutman's access to the accounts was not legally sound.

The memorandum ordered JLM to restore Gutman's access to the @misshayleypaige accounts by May 15.

JLM and Gutman reached a settlement agreement on May 14, giving Gutman her name and the @misshayleypaige social-media accounts.

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JLM and Hayley Paige Gutman reached a settlement agreement.Nancy Pauline Photography/Courtesy of Hayley Paige

Business Insider reviewed the agreement, which was between Gutman, Conrad Clevlen, JLM, and Joe Murphy. The bankruptcy court approved the agreement on Friday.

The agreement gave Gutman ownership of all intellectual property associated with Hayley Paige, including her name, the @misshayleypaige social-media pages, her designs, sketches, and past lookbooks.

The agreement also released Gutman "from all rights, restrictions, and/or obligations to JLM," including her noncompete agreement, so she can design wedding gowns under her name. Gutman also told BI she will keep designing shoes under She Is Cheval as she re-enters bridal.

The settlement resolves all of JLM and Gutman's legal issues, so JLM can continue with its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Gutman is required to pay JLM $263,000 within five days of the bankruptcy court's approval of the settlement. JLM petitioned to have the sum redacted, but the motion was denied.

Speaking to BI on Friday, Gutman said she gets "emotional" thinking about owning her name again.

"I keep saying it," she said. "I call my mom, and I'm like, 'Mom, it's Hayley Paige.'"

"We think the settlement agreement is in the best interest of both parties," JLM Couture said in a statement to BI of the agreement. "We wish Ms. Gutman well."

Gutman shared the news of the agreement on the @misshayleypaige Instagram on Tuesday.

"I never thought announcing myself would be an announcement in itself, but today it is," Gutman said in the video. "I am Hayley Paige."

The video was filled with comments celebrating her return to the page.

In her conversation with BI, Gutman said she was thankful for the social-media community she has developed through the @misshayleypaige, @allthatglittersonthegram, and @sheischeval channels.

"I'm so grateful for the support and just getting through that time and everything," she said. "We just can be one big happy family now."

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