Web3 | The perfect holiday gift guide for your Web3-crazed loved ones

Young couple online holiday shopping
Young couple online holiday shopping

It’s the holiday season, so that means low vibration plates, shady aunties, walks with your favorite cousin and, of course, quality time with your loved ones. But before you can enjoy all of the perks, you need to get your holiday shopping done. All gifts aren’t created equal, especially when it comes to blessing your Web3-crazed friends. But what present says, “I love you, and I don’t think Web3 is a complete scam“? Welp, I’m here to provide a few gift ideas that will surely showcase your BULLISH spirit for the holidays.

Let’s start with a couple of old faithfuls. First up is Bitcoin. I know you are probably thinking, “People still buy that?” Yes, it’s a classic yet thoughtful gift to provide your partner that allows them to buy the items they are passionate about in the Web3 space. It’s the gift card of Web3 and it’s super simple to purchase. You can download the Coinbase app and buy bitcoin to send to your friend’s wallet, or you can simply send it to them via Cash App — your choice. Another cryptocurrency you may want to consider is ethereum, especially if the person you are gifting this to is really into buying NFTs. Nine times out of 10, they have been eyeing a digital creation from their favorite artist or have been saving up to join an exclusive community. Either way, adding to their stash will help them reach their goal. You can purchase ETH directly via MetaMask with Apple Pay, then simply transfer it to your friend’s wallet with their public address.

Another fool-proof gift to purchase your WAGMI friend is a ledger, which is a hardware wallet that allows you to keep your crypto and NFTs safe from potential hacks. Think of it as the USB backup device for Web3. It keeps your private keys — think of those as your credit card pin number — in a secure space and provides full separation from potential smartphone and blockchain transaction hacks. You can purchase one at ledger.com, and they have different colors, styles, sizes, and memory storage to choose from based on your needs. They are currently offering $30 worth of free bitcoin with your purchase.

Now ladies, if you want to get something more tailored for your metaverse man, I highly suggest looking into NBA Top Shot. It’s an NFT marketplace that allows you to buy snapshots of NBA highlight moments that your partner will be able to own forever. These moments can be based on a player, specific team, fan interaction, or a play in basketball history. Start by heading to NBATopShot.com, and search the latest hot packs that they are dropping. Next, search by your man’s favorite player and then their favorite team (because, usually, his favorite player isn’t even on his favorite team). Each NBA Top Shot moment has different tiers that range from “common” and “fandom,” all the way to “rarity,” and everything in between. The site also has badges associated with the moments that correlate with specific players, including Three-Star Rookie and MVP. You can purchase one with a number of cryptocurrencies or your credit card. You’ll have many to choose from, so make sure to search for his favorite jersey, write down the last name and team, then get to shopping.

Fellas, I didn’t forget about you! What better way to show your woman that you care about her this holiday season than to get her a shopping spree in the metaverse. There are brands like H&M and Bloomingdale’s who have digital stores, where shoppers can try on clothes virtually and even get physical items sent directly to them all from the comfort of their homes. Anyone can purchase clothes for their woman, but the real flex is doing it in the metaverse.

Web3 has something for the kids too — VeeFriends. VeeFriends is an NFT project curated by Gary Vee that is comprised of cartoon character drawings. It allows his community certain perks like access to private events and meet and greets. Vee recently teamed up with Toys “R” Us to bring the VeeFriend characters to life. You can purchase them from the famed toy store, Macy’s, or buy the digital asset directly from the VeeFriends website instead. You will be gifting your child a toy they can love along with a digital asset they can keep forever.

We can’t forget Roblox tokens. We all know kids are obsessed with that game, and they probably use your credit card on it anyway. Why not purchase them some tokens, so that they can not only enjoy their favorite games, but subconsciously learn about the metaverse while they play? Now, some folks may say that Roblox isn’t a metaverse, but if you look at my previous article that details the definition and history, it fits the script. Whatever your stance is, argue with ya great auntie about it because it fits my list.

I want to leave you with one final gift that the whole family can enjoy: Meta Quest. It’s a VR headset by Meta, where you can experience different worlds from parties to parks — all virtually. You can purchase it from Meta.com, and they are even offering Black Friday deals. This is a great gift because it has something for every member of the family.

The holidays are a time to show the people you love the most how much you care about them. Don’t let the FTX scam or any other Web3 drama get in the way of that. Instead, utilize this list and pick the item that your favorite loved one will enjoy the most. Don’t forget to tag me (@theashleyfrance) in the reaction videos of them opening their one-of-a-kind Web3 gifts — I need all the holiday feels. I hope you find this gifting guide helpful with warming the hearts of your Web3 faves. Happy holidays!