Wealthy Real Estate Brothers Allegedly Help Rich Friends Get COVID-19 Vaccines First

Tara C. Mahadevan
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Two New York real estate brothers have allegedly made plans to help their wealthy friends jump the line and get COVID-19 vaccines first.

Page Six reports that Bill and David S. Mack purportedly “made a list” of one-percenters from Manhattan and Florida’s swank Palm Beach Country Club who can receive the vaccine at a Florida retirement home. The vaccine was given at the non-profit nursing home Joseph L. Morse Health Center in Palm Beach, which is situated on David S. Mack Drive in West Palm Beach, and where David S. Mack is the chairman.

One source told Page Six, “David and Bill Mack arranged for their friends from the Palm Beach Country Club to be vaccinated for COVID-19. They apparently made a list of people who could get the vaccine, who one can only assume are their wealthy friends and clients.”

The source continued, “Supposedly, some people flew down in private jets from New York just for the vaccine, if they were lucky enough to be on the list the brothers made. It wasn’t just members of the Palm Beach Country Club who got the vaccine, but there were many club members who did.”

The Macks later verified in a statement to the outlet that they had been administering doses of the preventative treatment. The brother’s spokesperson said, “Several not-for-profit health and senior care organizations in Florida are undertaking major vaccination efforts. David and Bill Mack were asked to assist a not-for-profit healthcare institution with the organization of its vaccination campaign.”

The spokesperson added, “Some vaccine recipients may have been Palm Beach Country Club members, but substantially fewer than your sources indicated, and this was not a targeted effort to vaccinate club members.” The spokesperson also confirmed it was the Joseph L. Morse Health Center.

Entry into the private country club costs upward of $100,000, and applications have been surging as people have continued to move from Manhattan to Palm Beach in 2020.

People who are 65 and older can receive the vaccination in Florida, and the state is working with hospitals and other facilities to dole out vaccines to at-risk groups. Still, seniors have been camping out overnight to get their shots as Operation Warp Speed has been slow to start.

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