We Test a San Diego Comic-Con Newbie's Cosplay Knowledge

Not everyone is as well-versed in pop culture as your typical San Diego Comic-Con fanboy. And when Yahoo TV found out that Emily, the production assistant we hired for the weekend, doesn’t follow comics, video games, movies, or TV, we took her out into the field to put her (lack of) knowledge to the test!

Emily is an excellent person and hard worker, but don’t invite her to trivia night at your local brew pub — she doesn’t even recognize Immortan Joe, Imperator Furiosa, and Nux from Mad Max: Fury Road! Even if you didn’t see the movie — and of course you did, EVERYONE DID — you at least saw the commercials, posters, and ads everywhere you looked over the past several months.

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She may have been able to identify Sub-Zero and Scorpion as characters from Mortal Kombat, but moments later, she identified Mystique from X-Men as “Gold Skulls Flag,” because when in doubt, just describe parts of what she’s wearing. We can only assume that Jennifer Lawrence would be very disappointed.

For allowing us to have a laugh with Emily (and teach her a thing or two about all things Comic-Con), Yahoo’s host, Khail Anonymous, found a special cosplayer to sweep Emily off her feet and into the sunset.