All the Ways Monica Garcia Nailed Her RHOSLC Debut

Monica Garcia, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, RHOSLC
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The introduction of Monica Garcia has many Real Housewives of Salt Lake City lovers clutching at their pearls and sweating like a sinner in the Mormon church. With the exit of Jen Shah, there was worry the franchise would take a major hit due to the convict serving up more than drama during her three seasons on the show. However, Bravo seemed to find the perfect replacement by choosing to bring in Monica as she dropped bombshell after bombshell in her first five minutes on screen.

Monica Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Monica is 38 years old and clearly says it like it is when she first met the ladies. This trait feels very relatable with Monica, noting after she cheated on her husband, she “found herself in an entanglement.” Her brutally honest way with words has me prepping my cross-stitch for her words of wisdom to come.

Monica didn’t hold back about her thoughts on Jen. She quickly sold her out for ragging on her former BFF, Heather Gay. “So, to be completely honest, Jen never said anything nice about Heather,” Monica said. “But she also never said anything nice about anybody. Ever.” I think I am going to like this girl.

Monica Was a Government Witness

Viewers probably looked like animated cartoons as their jaws hit the floor after Monica revealed she was the FBI informant, not Meredith Marks, whom Jen had once blamed. Monica couldn’t bite her tongue as she divulged that she used to work for the former Bravo star. “Jen had fired her assistant,” Monica commented, “and I stepped in to help her. And one night, Jen asked me, ‘Do you want to be rich, do you want to make $600,000 a year? All you have to do is put this, this, and this in your name.'” Like any normal person who knew right from wrong, Monica was scared.

“I remember being so weirded out… It was very bizarre. I have a friend in the Secret Service, and I called him, and he said, ‘Get the f—k away from Jen Shah, she’s going to prison.'” Viewers were bowled over by her honesty and a bit shocked that Bravo hired a whistle-blower. But Monica doesn’t and shouldn’t feel bad for testifying against Jen; she did the right thing. It also begs the question—how much does Monica know about the other womens’ secrets?

Monica Is Real

It is a rare quality that you get any Real Housewives posting unfiltered photos of themselves. Nowadays, most are trying to grab an Ozempic prescription, fake working out, and pile on layers of Spanx (cough, Shannon Beador, cough.) However, shortly before the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4, Monica took to her Instagram to bare it all.

While sharing photos of her true beauty, Monica captioned alongside, “I can promise to be real, open, vulnerable, and expose myself completely to you guys. All my flaws. All my mistakes. All my imperfections.”

Monica Is in Her Rebuilding Era

In the premiere episode, Monica noted that she had been excommunicated from the Mormon church due to her infidelity and divorce. Now, the newest housewife is a single mother of four daughters, who joked she usually walks down an aisle at Target to find milk at 10 p.m. because she forgot.

However, she also has her side hustles. Monica is the founder and creative director of Brea Baby. Her best seller is a $20 baby swaddle, which she launched in 2018. As viewers saw in the preview, Monica falls into the cruel cycle of trying to keep up with the Joneses, noting she felt she had to buy luxury items in order to feel part of the group.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wandered Target aimlessly wishing they, too, could buy a Gucci bag? I am going to call it now; Monica will become a great asset to the series. The toxicity of Jen is now gone, with the women healing all in their own way. The outspokenness of the young housewife can only cause good things to happen, right? God, don’t let me down, Monica!


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