All the Ways Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Has Succeeded and Failed

The Golden Bachelor Episode 5 Recap
ABC/John Fleenor
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Golden Bachelor lead, Gerry Turner, has done an amazing job with the show’s first season. The Golden Bachelor has been a huge hit with Bachelor Nation viewers, even more so than some of the franchise’s other recent installments. However, while Gerry has done a great job as lead for the most part, he has not been flawless. These are all the ways Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner succeeded and failed as the spin-off’s first ever lead.

Gerry Was Open To The Process – Success

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor

One thing Gerry did a great job at was being so open. From night one, Gerry completely opened himself up to the process and really allowed himself to fall in love. Gerry opened up about his relationship with his wife Toni, who tragically passed away a few years before filming. It could not have been easy for Gerry to open up his heart again, but he did an amazing job at it!

Gerry put himself out there on every date that he went on and gave each woman a shot. Furthermore, Gerry seemed to be equally present in every conversation he was a part of and did not play favorites with the women. Gerry gave everyone a fair chance, which was nice to see.

Gerry Made Reality Television History – Success

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor

Gerry and the women truly made history with the premiere of The Golden Bachelor. Bachelor Nation fans were unsure of what to expect from the senior dating show, but were pleasantly surprised. Gerry and the women proved that you can still have fun and fall in love in your later years.

The Golden Bachelor did a great job at giving viewers insight into dating as a senior citizen, thanks to Gerry and the ladies. Those in the golden dating pool still go on dates to amusement parks and chat in bunk beds. There is definitely an unfair stereotype around senior dating, which Gerry and the women truly helped to break.

Gerry Did Faith Wrong – Fail

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor

One of Gerry’s biggest mistakes was the way he ended his relationship with Faith Martin. Faith was one of the three ladies who made it to hometowns, along with Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima. When Gerry went to visit Faith’s family, the two appeared to take their connection to a new level.

Gerry also had great conversations with Faith’s family and friends, including her two sons. At the end of the date, Gerry told Faith that he loved her, in front of everyone, which she said back. However, at the rose ceremony, Gerry ultimately sent her home. This was a difficult decision for Gerry, but fans were confused as to why he would tell Faith he loved her just to send her home.

Later on, Gerry revealed that he felt awful, since he promised Faith’s sons that he would take care of her heart. When Gerry and Faith had the opportunity to talk at the Women Tell All, Faith told Gerry that she did not feel deceived by him. While it was an emotional reunion, it seems like both Gerry and Faith were able to get the closure that they needed from the situation.

Gerry Isn’t Handling The Top Two The Best Way Either – Fail

Golden Bachelor Leslie and Gerry Turner
ABC/John Fleenor

Gerry’s mistakes didn’t end at hometowns, as he also made several problematic decisions during his final dates with Leslie and Theresa. Leslie received the first date, and Gerry essentially told her that he believed she was the one. It was clear that Leslie was smitten with Gerry and left the date believing that she would receive the final rose.

However, on his date with Theresa, Gerry changed his tune. At the beginning of the day, Gerry found himself wondering if his relationship with Theresa had run its course. At one point during a conversation with Theresa, Gerry even admitted that he was wondering what Leslie was up to instead.

Later on in the day, however, Gerry found himself making more progress with Theresa. After talking about Theresa’s career, Gerry found himself falling for her once again. Gerry accepted the fantasy suite date with both women, and seems to have made a lot of progress on both relationships since. While this is fine, Gerry should not have led Leslie on so much during their date, when he knew his feelings for Theresa could potentially grow.


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