All the Ways Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Became the (Failed) Love Boat

Harry Van Vliet Margot Sisson Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 has just wrapped on Bravo, and chillllld, the amount of love sought was high. Aesha Scott was the only crew member to walk onboard in a committed relationship. All around Aesha, her crew mates clambered to find love. Though several connections were made, they were all seen failing by the finale episode.

By my last count, six different romantic pairings were seen during Season 2. And no, I am not including any of the pairings that involved either of the two crew members who were fired over their sexual assault attempts. With all of this love being easily thrown around, this season might as well have been called The Failed Love Boat. Here’s why.

Culver and Tzarina – Failed

When Culver Bradbury joined the crew in Episode 3, he made a beeline for Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph. In turn, Tzarina equally enjoyed Culver’s company, and the two were often seen flirting in the galley during charters. However, Culver failed to communicate his feelings well, leaving Tzarina wondering just where the pair stood.

Just when Tzarina would get frustrated with the deckhand, Culver could be seen ramping up his flirtations. It was almost like he enjoyed having Tzarina on the other end of his annoying hook. That is until a desirable new Stew walked onboard mid season, causing Culver to loose his mullet-covered mind. At this point, Culver and Tzarina quickly fell apart, but luckily(?), the pair have remained friends.

Margot and Harry – Failed

It’s no secret that Margot Sisson had a rough season. The Stewardess was often seen plying herself with liquor, as internally, Margot was dealing with the fallout from being one of the victims of assault onboard. Always by her side was Harry Van Vliet, a precious, supportive deckhand with strong Mr. Bean vibes.

Harry had a massive crush on Margot. As for Margot, in Harry’s arms is where she found rest, but in her heart, she could only see the deckhand as a friend. Though the pair attempted to date, Harry eventually saw the writing that was clearly all over the walls. Knowing that he had been friend-zoned, Harry remained beside Margot for support, even though this relationship’s failing surely stung him hard.

Tzarina and João – Failed

João Franco walked onboard midway through Season 2, causing Tzarina to quickly forget about Culver. In a wild turn of events, Tzarina had already known about this new Bosun’s formerly poor ways with women, as he had engaged in a previous fling with one of her yachting industry friends in the past. That said, João has shown a lot of growth, and he began to grow on the Chef. As Tzarina’s heart began to soften towards João, flirtations turned into a night of passion, which we were all privy to, because WHY was that even filmed?!

Between miscommunications and a general lack of trust, their relationship slowly began to deteriorate. In the finale episode, Tzarina knew that things had officially failed when João drunkenly kissed Margot. Oopsies.

Culver and Jamie – Failed

Culver’s first glance at the new Stewardess Jaimee Neale made him completely ditch Tzarina, without telling her first of course. During Jaimee’s first night off with the crew, Culver made his move. Their first kiss turned into a shower scene, complete with noises that are again causing us to yell WHY was that ever necessary to add?!

Making her his officially, because a gorgeous new deckhand had also joined the crew and Culver didn’t want to loose his woman, Culver asked Jaimee to be his girlfriend. Even though Jaimee checked the yes box on Culver’s handmade card, everyone, sans Culver, could see that Jaimee was just trying to be kind.

During the finale, Jaimee kissed the aforementioned new deckhand, and as Aesha spilled on last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode, the two called it quits post-filming. Yet again, this Love Boat failed.

Jamiee and Luka – Failed

Luka Brunton is a stunning individual, so no one was really shocked when Jaimee’s head turned in his direction, despite the fact that she was “dating” Culver. During the finale, Jaimee and Luka were spotted on their phones, communicating with each other via memes and flirtatious quips. At the bar, the pair even kissed, which Jaimee later confessed to Culver.

Even though Culver was upset, he chose to forgive Jaimee. As Jaimee herself admitted in a confessional, she didn’t want to hurt Culver any further, so she smiled and acted like she was happy that they could remain together. As a result, Jaimee’s pairing with Luka failed.

João and Margot – Failed

This last pairing wasn’t anything official, but it was an attempt, so in this narrative it will remain. Letting off their frustrations following a long, stressful charter season, João asked Margot for a kiss, and she said yes. Immediately after, Margot regretted this incident, as did João, who had to answer to Tzarina, who had witnessed everything from just a few feet away.

No big deal, just another case of a failed Love Boat situation taking place on deck.


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