Watch Will Trent's Faith And Will Give The Wrong Impression About Their Relationship In Fun New Episode Clip

 Ramon Rodriguez in ABC's Will Trent
Ramon Rodriguez in ABC's Will Trent

ABC started the new year strong with the premiere of Will Trent, a new drama series based on the novels by author Karin Slaughter. Ramón Rodriguez stars as the titular Will Trent, and the first three episodes have built on what began as a very reluctant partnership with Faith Mitchell, played by Iantha Richardson. The two investigators have started to get to know each other better. In an exclusive clip (seen above) from the new episode that airs on January 24, a doctor is going to read the wrong message into their banter. Take a look!

The new episode of Will Trent is called “My Stupid Detective Brain” and will air on ABC on January 24, with Faith evidently taking a fall that resulted in a cut that would have required stitches… if she was so inclined to allow the doctor anywhere near her with a needle. While it’s probably safe to say that Faith being injured will be no laughing matter, what’s not to love about Will bickering with her about whether she fainted or fell?

Faith’s reflexive laugh out loud at the doctor’s suggestion that she and Will are “expecting” was certainly fun, along with her dismissal of the idea that she’s pregnant due to a divine intervention. The clip ends before showing whether or not the good doctor reacts to Will asking if she wants to squeeze his hands, but it does look like she’ll be getting a full work-up after falling… or fainting.

Of course, Faith does have a son of her own, and fans learned bits and pieces about him via phone calls. As for Will, the closest he comes to having a child on screen so far is Betty, and he didn’t get off to the most nurturing start with his new dog. He doesn’t know a whole lot about his partner’s relationship with her son, but is that about to change?

According to the episode description for “My Stupid Detective Brain,” Will and Faith will share some personal stories over the course of their investigation. Maybe being forced to share a hotel room and a post-case milkshake delivery last week helped them bond!

Ramón Rodriguez (previously known for roles in projects like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Gang Related, and Netflix’s The Defenders prior to Will Trent) has shared a lot of screen time so far with Iantha Richardson, once his character started actually looping his partner into the investigation.

For her part, Iantha Richardson was already a familiar face on network television before the debut of Will Trent in the 2023 TV premiere schedule thanks to her role as Adult Tess in NBC’s This Is Us, which wrapped back in 2022. It should be interesting to see how she and Rodriguez continue to work together as their characters get to know each other better… even if it’s probably not going to be in the way that the doctor implied in the episode clip.

Be sure to tune in to ABC on Tuesday, January 24 at 10 p.m. ET for the next new episode of Will Trent, and check out any episodes that you might have missed streaming with a Hulu subscription. The new drama also stars Parenthood alum Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, Jake McLaughlin of Black Bird as Michael Ormewood, and The Wire veteran Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner.