Watch the New Trailer for Love Lies Bleeding , the Queer Thriller With Kristen Stewart

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There’s a new trailer for Love Lies Bleeding, the movie Kristen Stewart said would “shock people” with its sex scenes. And to quote the trailer, “The excitement in the air is palpable.”

The lesbian bodybuilding thriller starring K Stew and Katy O’Brien is easily one of the most hyped LGBTQ+ movies of the year, and the new trailer only adds more intrigue.

Posted to A24’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, we get a look at Jackie the weightlifter (O’Brien) showing off the guns in a bodybuilding competition, then we see her cocking an actual gun, one of many in the movie. In a rapid-fire series of shots, we see Jackie and Lou (Stewart) kiss. Then someone ties a rope around a pair of wrists — but before you get too excited about the potential of Shibari top K Stew, the trailer just as quickly flashes to blood being wiped from a floor, and rope hanging off the face of a cliff, with two figures looking down into what seems to be a very deep cavern. (But hey, if there’s one thing we learned about director Rose Glass from her previous film, Saint Maud, it’s that she loves to blur the lines between eroticism and violence. So maybe we can hold out hope for Shibari top K Stew after all — or Katy, we’re not picky.)

It’s clear that Stewart has abandoned the heterosexual constraints that once defined her career.

We know from the official Love Lies Bleeding synopsis that the film tells a love story about Lou, a “reclusive gym manager” and Jackie, who trains at Lou’s gym, and that their relationship “ignites violence, pulling them deep into the web of Lou’s criminal family.” We got an initial look at the vibes from the first trailer, which dropped in January, but didn’t receive much more information on the plot itself, other than that Jackie has been recruited to do some kind of work for Lou’s crime lord dad, and Lou is turning against him.

The second trailer is similarly light on plot and heavy on vibes — specifically, it’s way gayer. And the first trailer was already plenty gay! We get more steamy makeouts, more of Lou’s lusty gazing at Jackie’s physique, and a moment where Lou says, “I fuckin’ love you, you idiot.” “I love you too,” Jackie responds, in between a shot of her punching a very large man in the face and a shot of Lou’s dad yelling. (Classic dyke drama.) And yes, everyone is tired of this joke at this point, but unfortunately, we are obligated to say that Love Lies Bleeding takes “be gay, do crime” to a whole new level, because it simply does.

Love Lies Bleeding, directed by Rose Glass, will be released theatrically in the U.S. on March 8.

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