Watch the 'Star Wars' Characters Sing 'Stayin' Alive'

Star Wars: The Force Awakens just broke nearly every box-office record, so what better way to celebrate than with an interplanetary Bee Gees singalong? On Monday’s The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon commemorated the reinvigoration of the Star Wars franchise with a music video for “Stayin’ Alive,” assembled with footage from the previous six movies. Watch it above.

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Who knew that the word “alive” came up so frequently in Star Wars? Most of the franchise’s major characters chime in for the disco hit, from Padme and Darth Maul to Han Solo and holographic Luke Skywalker. Even the Star Wars holiday special is represented (but please, nobody show Harrison Ford). Best of all, the Gibb brothers’ “ah ah ah ah” chorus is replaced by a montage of unmistakable Star Wars sounds, including the squeal of a Jawa, a grunt from Yoda, the word “No!” as shouted by both Vader and Luke, and of course, the obligatory Wilhelm scream. All that’s missing is the cast of The Force Awakens, so alas, no disco beeps from that new droid Bee Gee-8 — er, BB-8.

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Photo credit: Everett.