Watch the Red-Band Trailer for Vince Vaughn’s New Comedy ‘Unfinished Business’

Warning: Above is a red-band trailer with some frequent swearing.

Vince Vaughn served as a lowly intern at Google in last summer’s comedy The Internship. Now, he’s looking to go big-time in the business world. Unfortunately, he only only the help of a befuddled Tom Wilkinson and a goofy Dave Franco (with an even goofier name: Mike Pancake) to help him.

In this red-band trailer for Ken Scott’s upcoming comedy Unfinished Business, we find Vaughn in vintage deadpan mode as a salesman trying to out-maneuver his old company, which is run by a savvy Sienna Miller. Drama!

Their rivalry takes them to Germany where they learn all about the culture, including why you should never, ever play darts drunk.

Unfinished Business hits theaters March 6.

See exclusive first poster below:

Unfinished Business poster
Unfinished Business poster