Watch T-Pain get his revenge on racist Call of Duty players

Christian Holub
·1 min read

Jemal Countess/FilmMagic

Things can get intense during heated gaming moments. No matter how stressful a video-game battle might be, there's never an excuse to use racial slurs — and if you do, you'd better be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.

That's a lesson that T-Pain taught some racist Call of Duty players this week. As the singer-rapper recounted in a TikTok video, he was just about to begin a round with online rivals when the other players started dropping the n-word and insulting the Black Lives Matter movement. Once the actual gameplay began, T-Pain (real name Faheem Rasheed Najm) wasted no time in declaring his intentions for revenge.

"I want all of them," T-Pain can be heard shouting during the video. As he began taking down his racist enemies one by one, he shouted, "I want every single f---ing one of them! I want it all, I want it all, I want every part of it! I want the whole thing!"

Eventually, T-Pain succeeded in wiping them all out, after which he celebrated with a drink.

"Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the [n-word] wins," T-Pain declared. "Stupid idiots."

The clip became popular on Reddit, where T-Pain himself eventually responded to the fans sharing it.

"You guys are f---ing awesome. Love you all. Just doing my duties (ha….. dootie) as a citizen," he wrote.

Watch the video above, and check out T-Pain's Twitch channel to see more of his video-game prowess. Sometimes he even sings.

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