Watch Sen Carper Drop a String of F-Bombs During Postmaster General DeJoy’s Hearing (Video)

Democratic senator Tom Carper was caught on a hot mic uttering a string of profanities during the Senate’s remote questioning of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Friday morning.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the current Senate recess, DeJoy, a Republican fundraiser, fielded questions about the United States Postal Service’s financial situation from the Senate Homeland Security Committee over Zoom. Apparently, Carper was having some difficulties with his audio.

In the clip, posted far and wide by observers and available below, Carper was called on to question DeJoy but there was only silence, so the Delaware politician was skipped over in favor of Sen. James Lankford. Carper then appeared on-screen, peering at someone out of the frame and uttering “F—! F—! F—!”

An aide appears on screen an attempts to fix something on Carper’s computer.

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A representative for Carper told TheWrap, “Like most Americans in 2020, Senator Carper got frustrated with technical difficulties this morning, but that pales in comparison to his frustration with a Postmaster General who’s actively undermining the U.S. Postal Service during a national crisis.”

Although the moment was immediately turned into a joke across Twitter, former Senate colleague Claire McCaskill jumped in to defend the longtime representative: “Blooper aside, Tom Carper knows more about the postal service than any other US Senator.”

NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett tweeted, too, saying, “We’ve all been there, Sen. Carper. We’ve all been there.”

Check out the gaffe below (warning, offensive language):

JOHNSON: Is Senator Carper there? We’ll move on to Senator Lankford.

CARPER: Fuck, fuck, fuck.

LANKFORD: Mr. Chairman, I think Senator Carper is there, I think he’s trying to be able to queue it all up right now.

JOHNSON: Senator Carper, can you unmute?

CARPER: I’m un-muted.

— JM Rieger (@RiegerReport) August 21, 2020

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