Watch Ryan Reynolds' Child Costar Perfectly Recite His NSFW Deadpool 2 Monologue

Alexia Fernández
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ryan reynolds/ instagram Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell

Deadpool 2 may be rated R but that hasn't stopped Ryan Reynolds' latest, young costar from learning quotes from the foul-mouthed movie by memory.

Reynolds shared a video of himself on the set of his upcoming Netflix film The Adam Project with his costar, Walker Scobell, sitting behind him as he recited his monologue from 2018's Deadpool 2.

"And now," Reynolds wrote in the caption of the video. "Introducing @Walker.Scobell. This innocent young boy plays 12 year old me in my upcoming @netflix film. And because he takes his job seriously, the role required significant research."

The father of three added, "No matter what, he’s WAY too young to know this monologue by heart. #Precious #TheAdamProject @slevydirect."

The monologue, which is NSFW, includes several expletives that Scobell faithfully plays out to Reynolds' amazement.

"F— Wolverine. First, he rides my coattails with the R rating," Scobell recites. "Then the hairy m—— ups the ante by dying. What a dick. Well, guess what, Wolvie? I’m dying in this one, too."

He continues, "To understand why I took a cat-nap on one twelve hundred gallons of high-test fuel I need to take you back to the dewy slopes of six weeks ago. I’d gone international, taking out mass murderers, gangsters, unspeakable monsters. People nobody would touch. Except me. I’m going to touch them all over."

At the end of the video, Reynolds couldn't contain his laughter. Jennifer Garner, who also stars in The Adam Project, commented on the video with, "What have you done to him."

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Ryan Reynolds Instagram comments

Reynolds replied back, "@jennifer.garner You should see him do 13 Going On 30. Nothing but compound swearwords."

The Adam Project centers on a man (Reynolds) who must travel back in time to get help from his younger self to find their dad, a brilliant physicist played by Mark Ruffalo, in order to save the future.

Garner will play Reynolds' mom and Catherine Keener is set to play the villain who stole technology from Ruffalo's character.

The film also stars Zoe Saldana and Alex Mallari Jr.

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