Watch Rolling Stone and Variety Truth Seekers Summit

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EA-2 - Credit: PMC
EA-2 - Credit: PMC

AT ROLLING STONE and Variety Truth Seekers Summit presented by Showtime Documentary Films, journalists, filmmakers, comedians, and producers participated in panel discussions seeking the truth in different formats like podcasts, documentaries, news reporting and comedy.

Lesley Stahl, veteran “60 Minutes” correspondent and recipient of the Truth Seekers Media Award shares memories with Variety, co-editor-in-chief Cynthia Littleton, of being hired at CBS News because of affirmative action as a woman, during a time when affirmative action was widely supported.

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Bahrani, Filmmaker and fan of Barbara Kopple work, uses silence as a tool while interviewing subjects. His silence has allowed some individuals to reveal more than he expected.

During Bell’s discussion on making the Showtime docuseries “We Need to Talk About Cosby,” the director speaks to the challenges he had in making the docuseries as Black man who grew up in the world on Cosby in the 80’s while standing firm that he believed Cosby is a rapist.

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