Watch RMR's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Style Video for "Her Honeymoon"

Tara C. Mahadevan
·1 min read

Image via YouTube

RMR is opening the new year with a new single and accompanying music video for “Her Honeymoon.”

Starring model Janet Guzman and comedian Reedo Brown, RMR sets up the storyline for “Her Honeymoon”: a deal between Guzman and Brown goes wrong—and RMR asks the viewer to select the ending. He pairs the video’s “choose your own adventure” delivery with a phone number, where it appears that his fans can actually provide their input.

RMR closed out 2020 with his 3-track episodic film series 4th Quarter Medley, where he re-imagined hit songs. Last year also saw the release of his highly-anticipated EP Drug Dealing is a Lost Art, which boasted appearances from Future, Lil Baby, and Westside Gunn and production from Timbaland.

Watch the video for “Her Honeymoon” at the top.

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