Watch the owners of an incredibly racist display struggle to explain the basics of the Civil War

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A home in Lindale, Ohio, is under scrutiny this week after neighbors complained about an odd display that many feel is racist. But it’s the residents’ response that’s got heads shaking; they can’t seem to answer basic questions about the Confederate flag they’re proudly displaying.

Fox19 Cincinnati recently spoke with Louis Jones Jr. and his friend Tammy about their odd porch display, which caught the eye of new neighbors in their town. The pair’s house featured several black mannequins and dolls, one eating a watermelon, among multiple Confederate flags.

When the Fox19 reporter pressed the friends on why they featured the display, specifically the Confederate flag, they said it was a point of pride. “It’s not racist, it’s for the war that we won, you know.”

The reporter asked Jones to clarify who he thought won the Civil War, the North or South.

“We, as in the North,” Jones said. The reporter, confused, responded, “That flag would be the wrong flag to fly.”

Tammy jumped in, saying, “Um, in some people’s eyes.”

Perspective seemed to be Jones and Tammy’s defense for the display in general. When the reporter explained that neighbors may think they hated black people, Jones responded, “Everybody hates everybody, you know? It just depends on what you hate and what you like. It ain’t got nothing to do with race. We ain’t racial.”

And while some residents took offense to the black figures, Tammy again explained that it’s all in how you view the display. To her, the dolls are meant to honor the African-American culture. “All the baseball players are from the first blacks that played the baseball game.”

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