Watch Niecy Nash Gush Over Wife Jessica Betts and Their History-Making Essence Cover

Watch Niecy Nash Gush Over Wife Jessica Betts and Their History-Making Essence Cover

When it comes to blocking out haters, Niecy Nash is a pro.

The Claws star recently made history with her wife, Jessica Betts, as the first same-sex couple to appear on the cover of Essence magazine. On the April 11 episode of E! News' Daily Pop, she revealed her secret for ignoring other people's criticisms.

"People are always gonna be critical no matter what you do, no matter who you're with," she told hosts Nina Parker and Essence Atkins. "They are always going to find something to say. But whatever they would have to say don't trump me being happy, baby, when I close that door, because that's what I focus on."

Nash called her wife "the best thing that ever happened to me," adding, "People can say what they want. No matter what I was doing, somebody is gonna say something, so what do you do? Let ‘em talk! Give them something to talk about!'"

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When it came to shooting the cover, Nash revealed that it was anything but an easy feat, facing off against the freezing cold while "being naked on the top of a building."

But it was all worth it in the end, as many fans in the LGBTQ+ community have reached out to her and Betts to say how happy they are to see themselves represented on the cover.

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"You know, I was an ally, and now I'm a card-carrying member," she joked. "And I had no idea that it was even going to be the thing that it is and mean what it means to so many people who've reached out to us and shared their thoughts and their feelings about it. I had no idea."

For as much love as she and Betts have received from fans, Nash has received just as much at home from her kids, Dominic, Donielle and Dia Nash, all of whom share their mom's passion for the arts.

"Both of the girls are actually acting. My son, he's bit by the bug, as well," she shared. "But the little one and my better half [Betts] both sing. So the other day, it was so lovely to hear them up in the studio. My baby and my bae!"

After hitting the 2022 Oscars red carpet, Nash has a new project up her sleeve, teaming up with IHOP as the chain's International Bank of Pancakes' loyalty-rewards program's Stack Broker.

"I am trying to spread the word about how you can get more," she shared. Upon downloading the IHOP app, people can earn "pancoins" for their meals that can later be redeemed for more food. "You get a pancake, you get a pancake, you get a pancake!"