Watch the Men of 'Stranger Things' Obsess Over 'Bye Bye Love' and Blockbuster Video

The first season of Netflix’s ’80s throwback Stranger Things starred two genuine ’80s pop-culture icons: Matthew Modine and Winona Ryder. Both of those actors are back for the show’s sophomore year, which lands on the streaming service on Oct. 27, and are joined by another one of their generation’s biggest names: Paul Reiser, who appeared in such era-defining features as Diner, Beverly Hills Cop, and, of course, Aliens. As they confessed to Yahoo Movies at the San Diego Comic-Con, though, Modine and Reiser don’t share any scenes together in the new season of Stranger Things. So if you want to see them together in the same frame, you’ll have to track down a copy of the 1995 film Bye Bye Love, where they starred alongside Randy Quaid as a trio of husbands adjusting to life after divorce. (Watch our video interview above.)

Doesn’t sound familiar? Fellow Stranger Things star David Harbour hadn’t heard of Bye Bye Love either, leading Reiser to suggest that he rent the film, something that used to be a lot easier back in the ’80s. “They don’t have video stores,” Harbour shoots back. “Blockbuster is gone! God, that was a sad day, wasn’t it?” Continuing their tour down Nostalgia Lane, Reiser revealed that Los Angeles-area Blockbusters would have parking spots named after famous actors. “You’d see whose career was moving,” Resier says, laughing. “Suddenly [it’s like], ‘That guy’s gone. Oh, Matthew Modine’s a little higher.'” Chagrined by this schooling, Harbour realized that the era of video stores was no joke. “I shouldn’t mock, I’m sorry.”

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