Watch Mark Hamill’s Entire Panel From ‘Star Wars’ Celebration

London’s three-day Star Wars Celebration is over, but even if you couldn’t make it across the pond to enjoy the far, far away festivities, some of the panels and interviews that took place are now online – and few were as entertaining as the audience-Q&A chat that Mark Hamill conducted over the weekend.

During his hour-long appearance (available above), the franchise’s Luke Skywalker took the stage, solo, to field questions about anything and everything fans wanted to know about — except, of course, next year’s Episode VIII, which he admitted he was contractually obligated to not spoil. Despite confessing the secrecy that surrounds the series “can be really annoying and intrusive,” Hamill was nothing if not a jovial and gregarious speaker while in the Celebration spotlight, touching upon his own toy-collection hobby, his reaction to learning about his (exceedingly minor) role in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, his favorite moments from the original George Lucas-authored trilogy, and his future animated-TV-show voice-work duties as Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker.

Hamill wasn’t the only Star Wars luminary sitting down to talk during Celebration. The Rogue One cast and crew dominated Friday, and the Episode VIII filmmakers – alongside those heading up the Han Solo origin-story prequel – were the big news on Saturday. But that wasn’t all — the original Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, also stopped by to briefly discuss his role as the giant furry Solo sidekick, and his surprise at the unbelievable popularity of The Force Awakens became in America. (Watch that above.)

Garrick Hagon, a.k.a. Biggs Darklighter – childhood friend of Luke Skywalker, who died during the final aerial battle in A New Hope – also stopped by to reminisce about his participation in the franchise, most notably about the mustache he sported in the movie (and has long since shaved away).

Star Wars Celebration may be over, but news about the sci-fi saga’s impending releases are no doubt only going to be ramping up in advance of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will recount the Rebel Alliance’s pre-Episode IV theft of the Death Star plans. It debuts in theaters Dec. 16.

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