Watch Lizzo play flute and host Bird Up! on The Eric Andre Show

Dan Snierson
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Welcome back to the worst show on television!

Anything can happen on the show within The Eric Andre Show. And most everything usually does during Bird Up!, which features host Eric Andre in a green suit that will not render him invisible via CGI magic (despite his assurances to those he encounters), a parakeet affixed to his shoulder, unflattering zoom-ins over that ascending three-chord progression of triumph, and most unsettling sound effects.

Sunday night brings two more back-to-back episodes of Andre's mesmerizing, absurdist late-night talk show circus (minus Hannibal Buress, plus Blannibal). In the second installment — which airs at 12:15 a.m. on Adult Swim — Bird Up! takes flight again. This time, Andre is nowhere to be found. Superstar singer/rapper Lizzo, however, is everywhere to be found as she takes it to the streets with her flute in lime-suited glory.

"You're watching Bird Up!, Lizzo style!" she announces before jamming out with a bongos-playing man, whom she asks to play her butt, only to find out that the woman next to him is none too pleased, because she is "his woman." Some NSFW stuff ensues with other passers-by before a man informs Lizzo that Michael Jackson is his son. "Michael Jackson's your son?" she asks incredulously. "I'm Michael Jackson!"

A little more flute playing; then she declares to the camera: "These my streets, Eric! It's my show now!" No argument here. Check out this first-look clip of Lizzo bringing a new tempo to Bird Up! and crushing her new gig.

adult swim

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