WATCH: Livestream Captures Bonded Eagle Pair Rebuilding Nest Together After a Storm

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WATCH: Livestream Captures Bonded Eagle Pair Rebuilding Nest Together After a Storm

Coming to you live from Florida, are two bald eagles in the middle of some serious fall cleaning.

On Wednesday, Zoo Miami announced the launch of their live Bald Eagle Cam on Facebook, sharing that the Florida facility worked with Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and Modern Day Tech Solutions "to install a custom-made platform along with a state-of-the-art camera system that will allow anyone to observe the nest any time, 24 hours a day."

The stars of Zoo Miami's new livestream are two bonded adult bald eagles. The clip the zoo shared with the announcement of their new Bald Eagle Cam shows the birds rearranging and rebuilding their nest after a storm.

"The adult pair has just recently begun the process of building their nest and as of today, spends more time away from the nest doing normal 'eagle stuff' than they actually do on the nest, so when going to the live view, you may just see an empty nest still in the process of construction," the zoo added on Facebook.

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Zoo Miami also told animal lovers that if the bald eagle couple produces an egg this year, viewers can expect to see it in late November or early December.

eagles repair nest together
eagles repair nest together

"This is one of the few eagle nest cams in the world that will allow you to see the behaviors that lead up to the actual construction of the nest, in addition to the hopeful laying of eggs and rearing of chicks! It is truly an intimate look into an amazing world that few have ever had the opportunity to see in real-time," the Facebook post added.

According to CBS Miami, Zoo Miami and Wildlife Rescue of Dade County prepared for the Bald Eagle Cam by installing a camera in a tree that they knew this bald eagle couple returned to each year to build a nest. To assist with their efforts, the organizations installed a Papasan chair frame in the tree as a nest platform for the birds.

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The organization decided to add this element after the eagle couple lost past nests, including one last year, to storms, reports CNN.

Bird lovers interested in a live look at the eagle couple and their nest redecorating work can check on the birds 24/7 at