Watch Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel Try to Create the Next 'Best Worst Kids Song' to Dethrone 'Baby Shark'

Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel have crafted a song meant to be blasted through nursery school speakers.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, the "Teenage Dream" singer sat down with the talk show host in a recording studio in hopes of creating a children's song even catchier and more annoying than "Baby Shark," which first went viral on YouTube in 2016 and has since become the platform's most-watched video with over 10 billion views. "I think that's more than my songs," Perry, 37, said of the astronomical view count.

"I was thinking we could come up with a song, something that really captures the imaginations of children, something that maybe has a total of five or six notes in it," proposed Kimmel, 54, before the pair began listing topics they believe 2-year-olds would enjoy: dinosaurs, puppies, planes, garbage trucks, eating, etc.

Following a discussion about the eating habits of their respective children — Kimmel has two daughters, Katherine and Jane, as well as two sons, Kevin and William, while Perry has one daughter, Daisy — the pair settled on a track about food featuring simple lyrics like "yum yum" and "nom nom."

"It causes all the hair on my body to stand up when I say the word 'yum yum,' but I think that's good, because the parents have to hate the song," Kimmel quipped.

Perry suggested the song's beat could be constructed of various fart sounds, and the comedian agreed, noting his children "love farting." The musician then realized they'd figured out an entire song concept: "Wait, we're even describing how you eat the food. Yum yum, nom nom, toot before you poop. This is an educational song!"

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"I think if we work too hard on this it's gonna backfire," Kimmel told the pop star, who replied with a surefire songwriting motto she's learned over her decade-plus in the music industry: "K.I.S.S. — Keep it simple, stupid."

"We could even cut out the simple and go right to 'Keep it stupid," joked the host. Soon enough, they'd come up with a song title: "Yum Yum Nom Nom Toot Toot Poop."

Katy Perry

Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel

The clip then transitions to a half-animated music video reminiscent of "Baby Shark," and Kimmel and Perry sing the lyrics, "Clap your hands and stomp your feet / Give me something good to eat / Yum yum, nom nom, toot toot, poop / First the food goes in your mouth / Then it starts to travel south," while performing light choreography and sliding through a cartoon intestine.

Later in the video, a group of kids ride an animated cloud to Perry and Kimmel and ask, "Does everyone yum their noms and toot their toots?" The American Idol judge ensures the children everyone does as such, and then a series of figures — including animated elephants and owls, Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez dressed as a baby, and Reading Rainbow icon LeVar Burton — appear on screen to sing the song's refrain.

"Yum Yum Nom Nom Toot Toot Poop" concludes with a fast-paced take on its chorus sung by every animated and real-life individual featured in the video, plus the giant plush poop from Perry's Play concert residency in Las Vegas. An edited clip following the song sees its music video reaching one zillion views on the internet, but at the time of publishing, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment has only been watched around 198,000 times.