Watch Jude Law and The Nest director break down a key scene from the tense marriage drama

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The Nest Exclusive Featurette

Scene anatomy featurette with Jude Law and Sean Durkin.

Jude Law would like to bring you into The Nest.

In the exclusive video above, the actor and the film's writer-director, Sean Durkin, break down a key scene from the drama, which arrived on VOD Tuesday after a limited theatrical run. In the scene, the ambitious Rory (Law), who's recently moved back to his native England with his wife, Allison (Carrie Coon), and their children, pitches his boss on a business deal that would sell their firm to an American conglomerate.

"It was clear that this scene had to be an insight into Rory's vision and, you could argue, brilliance," Law explains in the video. "What also comes to play is the old guard and the new guard… 'You don't see things the way I see things. I see them better; you've got to change now.'"

Law and Durkin also discuss the historical research that went into the script for the '80s-set film, with Law's character demonstrating detailed knowledge of the business landscape of the time. "This was one of the scenes that I remember you really went away and worked over and over and over on, to make sure that it was also technically and historically accurate," the actor tells the filmmaker.

"I just kept reworking the script, really dug into what those small British firms were at the time," Durkin says.

This all contributed to the care and attention Durkin paid to the actors' performances: "The effort you put into the detail and the accuracy really helped me, because I'm able then to understand this world and sell it," Law says. As Coon previously told EW, "Sean would always prioritize performance over any other consideration, so it felt very actor-driven in that regard."

Watch the video for more.

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