Watch Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph ‘Humbly’ Accept the Election Victory in ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Eric Diep
·2 min read

Tonight’s SNL is an historic one.

Hours after several media outlets projected America has chosen Joe Biden as its 46th president, SNL jumped at the opportunity of using the cold open to address the election coverage. Recreating CNN's Election Night in America, it featured Wolf Blitzer (played by Beck Bennett) and John King (Alex Moffat) declaring Biden and Harris the winners, which prompted Jim Carrey's Biden and Maya Rudolph's Harris to give victory speeches similar to what they did earlier this evening.

Blitzer and King also wanted to see Trump said, so they cut to Alec Baldwin's Trump giving a “gracious and factual” concession speech. “As anyone who died halfway through Tuesday knows, I was re-elected president of the United States,” he said, pointing to a map that showed all red states (it was actually a COVID-19 map).

Later, he did a sad version of "Macho Man" that was pure gold.

The sketch follows a Halloween-themed cold open where Carrey’s Biden read a poem (Edgar Allan Poe style) about Election Day and winning the presidency. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton returns to warn Biden about Trump possibly winning another four years. There are appearances from Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd as Trump supporters Ice Cube and Lil Wayne who explained their reasoning for backing his Platinum Plan with a photo op. You can revisit it below.

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