Watch Jessalynn Siwa Make a Shocking Decision on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution

Watch Jessalynn Siwa Make a Shocking Decision on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution

It's crunch time on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution.

JoJo Siwa and her mom Jessalynn Siwa have spent the pasts few months mentoring a group of tweens competing for a coveted role in the newly formed music group, XOMG Pop—set to be managed by Jessalynn and serve as an opening act for JoJo—and now, they're nearing the end of the Peacock/E! series.

This means making several difficult decisions, one of which had to happen on last night's all-new episode.

As the above Siwas Dance Pop Revolution clip shows, Jessalynn was prepared to send someone home, but she wanted a few outside opinions first.

Enter a slew of industry professionals, from music executives to choreographers.

They watched the remaining contestants perform before giving their unfiltered takes on each, and it quickly became clear that Leigha, 14, was seen as the weakest link.

As Richy Jackson, a choreographer to JoJo and Lady Gaga, put it: "I just felt like she wasn't with them and skewed the group a little bit older."

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Added fellow choreographer Guy Amir, "I feel like if you're gonna have the oldest one, she has to be the leader and I didn't really feel like she was the leader of the group."

Meanwhile, as the professionals gave their takes, the contestants' moms waited nervously in a nearby room.

"What are the VIPs saying?" Leigha's mother said. "I'm just thinking, 'Please don't anyone let Leigha be their bottom pick.' I've said a lot of prayers about that one."

Siwas Dance Pop Revolution
Siwas Dance Pop Revolution

Jessalynn also didn't want to send Leigha—or anyone, really—home.

"I just can't believe right now that I have to say goodbye to one of these kids that just put on a phenomenal show," she told JoJo before making a stern declaration. "I mean, I know exactly what I have to do."

The girls then filed in, and after Jessalynn complimented several of their performances, she turned to Leigha.

"It's no secret that you're on the bottom," the former Dance Moms star said. "It's no secret that you were nervous. And as good as your performance was today, I think you still have a way's to go. I don't think we're out of the woods yet."

"This is what makes it awful," Jessalynn added. "Some times things just aren't fair."

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As Leigha's mom broke into tears, Jessalynn gave her final judgement.

"There are six of you here today," she began. "And all six of you will be here tomorrow."

Cue lots of screaming, jumping and hugs.

Jessalynn warned the group that she would be making her final decision next week, but for now, she couldn't send Leigha home in good conscience.

Why? Because while the professionals may not have loved her, JoJo's fans—who were also invited to view a performance and give their opinions—absolutely did.

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"The Siwanators have spoken!" Jessalynn said. "Leigha was the fan favorite...In the beginning, JoJo had people that doubted her. Adults doubted her. But like I told the kids earlier this week, you need to perform for the fans tonight, and that's exactly what Leigha did. And the fans loved her."

Watch the full Siwas Dance Pop Revolution episode here.