Watch Jennifer Lawrence Sing (Again) Onscreen in 'Joy'

Jennifer Lawrence keeps a pretty low profile about her singing chops, but the 25-year-old Oscar winner really does have some impressive pipes. Filmmakers have been using her melodic warblings ever since Lawrence did a car-radio singalong with Chloë Grace Moretz in 2008’s The Poker House.

Next, Lawrence portrayed a guitar-playing high schooler in the 2012 horror flick The House at the End of the Street. (She even appears in the tie-in music video.) Then there have been her musical stylings in the Hunger Games series: “Rue’s Lullaby,” from the first installment; “The Hanging Tree,” the chart-climbing single featured in Mockingjay – Part 1; and “Deep in the Meadow,” for Mockingjay – Part 2.

Now, Lawrence is singing again for the big screen in David O. Russell’s Joy.

In this exclusive extended scene from the film (above), Lawrence appears as kitchen-cleaning entrepreneur Joy Mangano, singing “Something Stupid” — originally performed by Frank and Nancy Sinatra. Her duet partner is Edgar Ramirez, who plays her basement-dwelling ex husband, Tony. (The film spans four decades. This scene represents their initial courtship, when they perform this number during a community theater musical.)

“Singing in front of people is my biggest fear in the entire world,” Lawrence told Conan O'Brien last summer. But then, immediately afterward, she shamelessly broke in the Cher’s “Believe.” Come on, Jen. We know you love it.

Keep your ears attuned to Lawrence’s melodies as Joy spreads in theaters Christmas Day.