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Watch Howie Mandel Explain How "Consensual Diarrhea" Led to His Starbucks Hospitalization

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In the words of Howie Mandel, "What has this world come to where you can't pass out in a Starbucks privately anymore?"

The America's Got Talent judge had fans truly concerned on Wednesday, Oct. 13, after TMZ reported that he was hospitalized following a visit to a Starbucks in Woodland Hills, Calif. Later that day, Howie let his fans and followers know he was "home and doing better."

Now, he's explaining how a colonoscopy made him so dehydrated, he passed out after ordering his venti caramel macchiato.

"I had a colonoscopy a few days ago," Howie explained to daughter Jackelyn Shultz for a YouTube video on Oct. 14. "They empty you out. You take a drink and you empty out. I have consensual diarrhea for an entire night… And then I was dehydrated."

The 65-year-old reality star said he immediately began working after his colonoscopy, so he needed to fuel up on caffeine. "All I kind of lived on was coffee and caffeine, which also exacerbates dehydration, I was told," he went on.

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Making matters worse was his confession that he doesn't "drink water," but he promised, "I'm going to moisturize and hydrate from now on."

These choices led to his medical incident at Starbucks this week, with him saying, "Apparently, when you do that you will pass out at Starbucks… It was also the cost of the caramel macchiato venti that just threw me over the edge."

His daughter and Howie Mandel Does Stuff co-host, Jackelyn, chuckled while repeating his "consensual diarrhea" phrase, telling her dad how "nervous" she was about his condition when she found out.

"I saw TMZ," she said. "Well, first mom called me and she goes, 'Don't worry. Everything's OK.' I was worried. She's like, 'We're going to the hospital.' So, I was already freaking out."

Howie Mandel
Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Howie let her know it wasn't as bad as it sounds: "I just passed out and… I got really dizzy and couldn't stand up, but I don't think I ever lost consciousness," he recalled. "And I got totally soaked with sweat. For somebody who is dehydrated, I had a lot of sweat in me, so that even exacerbated the dehydration."

The comedian said the "next thing" he knew, he was "surrounded" the fire department. He said he was taken to the hospital, where staffers did "all these tests on my heart—I'm really good."

He added, "I want to thank first responders, and everybody at the hospital, at West Hills Hospital, thank you so much for taking care of me… Here I am, back on my podcast, healthy, hydrated and moist!"

Watch the video above.