Watch: Hands-On With ‘Street Fighter 6’

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Rolling-Stone-Twitch-Street-Fighter-VI-Aug-2022-141 - Credit: Kevin Condon
Rolling-Stone-Twitch-Street-Fighter-VI-Aug-2022-141 - Credit: Kevin Condon

This week, Rolling Stone on Twitch hosted a special gaming livestream celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise. The show featured interviews with the music development team at Capcom, a live musical performance of the new Street Fighter 6 theme song and, of course, hands-on gameplay with the latest build of the game courtesy of an eight-person single elimination tournament. Check out everything you may have missed below.

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Led by hosts Jon Weigell and Charlie Cooper, the tournament brought dramatic flair to the livestream studio with a fictionalized narrative built around the event in the vein of pro wrestling. The winning prize was said to be a contract for the next big “Rolling Stone star,” a coveted title for the competitors, which included the hosts, artist GRP, NY-based Twitch streamers “PestoGawd” and “MeesterKeem,” among others. Playing the current build of the game, not due to release in final form until some time next year, participants were restricted to four of the currently announced characters: Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie. After a grueling series of bouts, “Not on the Sidelines” producer GRP ultimately walked away with the victory, whose actual prize was a box of Street Fighter-themed swag.

GRP (left) celebrating his victory over streamer “PestoGawd” (right) in the finals.
GRP (left) celebrating his victory over streamer “PestoGawd” (right) in the finals.

It was a big show for GRP who, alongside hip-hop artists Rocco808 and Randy Marx, performed a live rendition of the game’s theme song “Not on the Sidelines,” which originally premiered exclusively on Rolling Stone back in June.

The stream also featured a number of conversations surrounding the game’s soundtrack, first with a discussion between host Jon Weigell and Street Fighter 6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto and Composer Yoshiya Terayama, followed by an in-studio breakdown of the the character themes between host Charlie Cooper, Executive Music Producer Koyo Sonae, and of course, GRP. Both interviews can be watched in full below:

The cast and crew signing off.

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