How to watch the free Clippers vs Warriors live stream

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The Los Angeles Clippers are facing the Golden State Warriors tonight at 10.30PM ET/7.30PM PT at the Arena. If you’re keen to watch the game and not sure where to start, we’re here to help. We’ve got everything you need to know about how to watch the Clippers vs Warriors live stream including an option for how to watch it entirely for free. All you need to do is sign up to one of the best live TV streaming services and you can easily watch the game tonight. We even know how to do so if you’re traveling abroad today and worried you’ll miss out due to geo-restrictions. Here’s all you need to know.

The best way to watch Clippers vs Warriors

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While there are a couple of ways to watch Clippers vs Warriors, we strongly recommend sining up for Sling TV. It’s one of the best streaming services around and it also offers extraordinary value for money. Sign up to Sling Orange for just $20 for the first month and you gain access to 32 channels including what’s necessary to watch Clippers vs Warriors. Future months cost $40 so it’s still pretty affordable. If you want more channel options, you can also sign up for Orange + Blue to gain access to 46 channels in all. The bundle costs $27.50 for the first month before rising to $55 per month. The bundle includes a great mix of family-friendly channels, news stations, and sports too so there’s something for every mood.

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Is there a free Clippers vs Warriors live stream?

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For anyone who just wants to watch Clippers vs Warriors for free and isn’t too interested in future games, FuboTV is the best solution. As standard, the service costs from $70 per month but it offers a one-week free trial so you can use it to check out the Clippers vs Warriors live stream for free. There are many other great sports-focused channels through the service but if you want to keep costs down, the FuboTV free trial is a perfect solution just to watch this game and see a little of what it offers.

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How to watch the Clippers vs Warriors live stream from anywhere

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For anyone who travels often, geo-restrictions are a nightmare, limiting your options for using your regular streaming services all the time. If you want to still access your streaming services like Sling or FuboTV while you’re traveling, you need to sign up for one of the best VPNs. By signing up to something like NordVPN (our favorite), you can easily trick your connection into thinking you’re actually still home, thereby allowing you to watch the Clippers vs Warriors live stream even while you’re out of the country. There’s no NordVPN free trial but it’s worth investing in, especially as it provides you with superior security while you’re browsing via public Wi-Fi which is likely while you’re traveling.

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