You can watch COVID-19 documentary Totally Under Control for free through Election Day

Tyler Aquilina
·2 min read


With coronavirus cases spiking once again across the U.S., you may be wondering how we ended up here. Well, Neon has the movie for you — and now you can watch it for free.

The indie distributor has made the explosive documentary Totally Under Control available to watch for free on its website from now through Election Day. The film tracks the Trump administration's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in devastating detail, focusing on the early days of the crisis to show exactly what went wrong — and how it could have been different. Whistleblowers, medical experts, and other firsthand witnesses explain how bureaucracy and malfeasance stifled the country's readiness, helping lead to almost 230,000 deaths and counting.

"The key theme here is science versus politics," co-director Alex Gibney (Going Clear) previously told EW. "It's so important that a nation doesn't allow its scientific evidence to be undermined by political exigencies. It's a super important lesson for us, for citizens to insist that they get the real dope, and hear it from the mouths of scientists, not from politicians who are trying to twist their words."

Added co-director Ophelia Harutyunyan regarding the election, "This is a very important decision. This pandemic has proven that it is crucial who is in charge, that one person can do a lot of damage. We really need to think hard about who we're putting in charge of our lives and livelihood."

Totally Under Control is also available to stream on Hulu.

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