How to Watch ‘Civil War:’ Is the A24 Action Film Streaming?

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“Civil War” has arrived.

The A24 action movie, written and directed by Alex Garland, follows a group of journalists who, during a new Civil War, try to make it from New York City to Washington, D.C. They’re racing against successionist factions looking to take down a tyrannical president. The journalists just want their scoop – the last photos and interview with the former leader of the free world.

It’s provocative, violent, disturbing and darkly funny. The kind of movie that you need to go grab a slice of pie afterward to discuss with your partner or best friend. But are you going to the theater or saddling up to the couch before your discussion? Find out now. Here’s how to watch “Civil War” right now and where to expect it on streaming.

When is the release date?

“Civil War” storms exclusively into theaters (including IMAX and other premium and large-format screens) beginning on April 12.

Where to find “Civil War” tickets and showtimes near you:

• Fandango

Atom Tickets

AMC Theaters

• Regal Theaters


Where will “Civil War” be streaming?

Thanks to a new deal forged between hip production company A24 and Max, you will be able to stream “Civil War” sometime in the not-too-distant future. This will follow its PVOD and digital debut, where you can buy “Civil War” for a premium price and have it forever and ever.

Who is in the “Civil War” cast?

The cast for “Civil War” is read by Kirsten Dunst, playing a dogged photojournalist. She is joined in their journey from New York to D.C. by print journalist Wagner Moura, young photojournalist Cailee Spaeny and another, seasoned journalist played by Stephen McKinley Henderson. Garland regular Sonoya Mizuno also shows up as a competing journalist, alongside Jefferson White from “Yellowstone” as her cameraman. Nick Offerman plays the President of the United States. And Jesse Plemmons and Karl Glusman show up for one scene (each) as soldiers.

Watch the “Civil War” trailer (it’s a doozy):

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