Watch Christopher Meloni strip down and bulk up for National Nude Day

Watch Christopher Meloni strip down and bulk up for National Nude Day
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We knew Christopher Meloni was buff, but his new ad for Peloton reminds us exactly how buff the famously buff actor is thanks to his in-the-buff workout routine. (Got it?)

In May, Meloni told Men's Health that he enjoys working out naked. Peloton tucked that factoid away and struck when the time was right. Now, in honor of National Nude Day, Meloni has stripped down to his skin to show off the different ways he uses the Peloton App to stay fit — although the thing getting the biggest workout might be the blur button.

"Apparently some people think the way I work out is strange," Meloni says at the top of the ad as he slings around free weights in his altogether. "Honestly, I don't get it."

Chris Meloni gets buff in the buff in Peloton ad
Chris Meloni gets buff in the buff in Peloton ad

peloton Chris Meloni gets buff in the buff for a new Peloton ad.

From there, he touts the benefits of the app for activities such as yoga, cardio, meditation, and jogging. The only clothing in sight is his bright white sneaks and socks. Even a dog he jogs past is wowed by his physique. Woof.

Meanwhile, the squats involved with Meloni's strength-training routine prove to be too much for the unseen camera operator, who collapses and gets a concerned through-the-legs check-in from a bent-over Meloni. (Friends, getcha a workout buddy who'll offer to call for help when his powerful glutes prove to be too much.)

The ad then closes with a stern male voice that will be familiar to any lover of the Law & Order universe: "In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate yet equally motivated groups: those who wear pants... and Christopher Meloni."

Naked Meloni is definitely one way for Peloton to apologize for (or take a victory lap on?) killing Mr. Big in the December And Just Like That premiere. And with so much cheeky — literally! — humor, it's no surprise that the company behind the ad is Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort, which also produced the Peloton ad that resurrected Chris Noth following his character's demise in the Sex and the City spin-off. (The ad was quickly pulled when sexual harassment accusations against the actor began to mount.)

Reynolds' company has a history with the exercise equipment company and interactive fitness platform. In 2019, Maximum Effort produced a commercial for the actor's Aviation Gin that poked fun at a Peloton ad for terrifying a woman into exercise.

Check out Meloni's new Peloton ad below.

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