Watch Chris Hemsworth Do A Hilariously Bad Impression Of Arnold Schwarzenegger... In Front Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Hemsworth in Netflix's Extraction, Arnold in Netflix's FUBAR
Hemsworth in Netflix's Extraction, Arnold in Netflix's FUBAR

At some point or another, it's likely that many of us have tried out our best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression in front of friends and family. Yet it's not every day that you get to do it in front of the action movie legend himself. Well, Chris Hemsworth seized that opportunity, and let's just say things got a little awkward for Netflix’s new Chief Action Officer during his second day on the job. This all played out in a recently released video promo that you can watch for yourself.

In the clip, The Governator hops into an elevator, joined by none other than fellow action superstar Chris Hemsworth. With some playful banter, the Terminator star plugs his new show and even trades a few one-liners with the Avengers alum in the side-splitting promo, which you can watch below and hear the Arnie impression:

Kudos to Netflix’s promotional team for a brilliant advertising move. Not only was it funny seeing the former MIB: International performer try out his impression, but it also highlighted both of the actor’s exciting projects: Hemsworth’s Extraction 2 and Arnold Schwarzenegger's popular new series FUBAR, which features a stellar cast.

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Last month, the veteran actor was named Netflix’s Chief Action Officer, bringing his genre expertise to the platform. He teased exciting upcoming projects, including Extraction 2, as mentioned earlier, Heart of Stone starring Gal Gadot and The Witcher Season 3 with Henry Cavill. The Eraser actor also encouraged fans to check out popular releases like The Night Agent series and Jennifer Lopez’s film The Mother, which was thoroughly enjoyed by CinemaBlend’s Adrienne Jones.

Meanwhile, when Chris Hemsworth isn’t embarrassing himself with his impressions, he’s killing it in action movies. He reprises his role as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 -- directed by Sam Hargrave -- and it follows Rake on a mission to rescue a family being held hostage. If you’ve caught a glimpse of the chaotic trailer for the sequel, then you’ve seen the 12 Strong actor battling through a prison yard riot. According to the director, the captivating moment where his jacket catches fire from an exploding Molotov cocktail was achieved without CGI. Remarkably, he was actually set on fire multiple times, surely impressing the Chief Action Officer.

At 75 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows no signs of slowing down himself. Alongside his regular workout routine, for his milestone-making series FUBAR, he dedicated himself to portraying a government special agent nearing retirement. Embracing his iconic '80s action persona, the former Mr. Universe matched the energy of actors half his age and performed most of his action scenes.

Embracing his new role at Netflix, the beloved pop culture icon showcased his unwavering passion for delivering high-quality action. From his iconic films like True Lies to his latest action-packed comedy to hit the 2023 TV schedule, he consistently strives for excellence. With a touch of humor, the retired bodybuilder humorously expressed his desire to incorporate explosions into various genres, saying, “I want to put it into everything I watch... romantic comedies, stand-up, dramas — all candidates for more explosions, in my opinion.” It’s hard to dispute his expertise... and, now, I'd like to hear Chris Hemsworth try to say that sentence in his Arnie voice.

With FUBAR now streaming, catch the OG Hollywood A-Lister in action. He also has a three-part docuseries about his life, appropriately titled Arnold, which hits the Netflix TV schedule on June 7. Extraction 2, sans the embarrassing Hemsworth impressions, is set to premiere on June 16, 2023, and all you need is a Netflix subscription to check it out.