Watch Channing Tatum Hold On to Our $100 During 'Magic Mike XXL' Interview

Channing Tatum can’t seem to shake his real-life stripper roots. When he spoke with Yahoo Movies last weekend about Magic Mike XXL, he also made out with all of our cash!

In the video interview above, I reference the last time we talked, when the original Magic Mike arrived in 2012 — and his disdain for my handful of $1 bills. Despite his disinterest in what he deemed chump change back then, I still got him to do a body roll.

Aiming to get another dance move out of him this time around, I came prepared — with a wad of cash that included a real $100 bill. But the 35-year-old actor made it clear: If I handed over the dough, Yahoo Movies wouldn’t be getting it back. And we didn’t. (Let it be known, Tatum went straight for that Benjamin when we showered him and XXL co-star Stephen “tWitch” Boss with the money.)

Tatum demonstrated a stripper move. And after the cameras stopped rolling, he held to his word, refusing to give back the dough.

Once a stripper, always a stripper.

The Magic Mike series is inspired by Tatum’s experience in a Tampa nightclub called Male Encounter. At age 18, Tatum used the stage name Chan Crawford. Unearthed footage of him (see below) during those years shows him dancing with his socks on!

Would Magic Mike ever be caught dead rocking socks on stage? We think not. But Tatum still deserves major props for his smooth moves.

When we asked what Chan Crawford would have done for $100 — Tatum confessed he wouldn’t know because he wasn’t ever offered that much money. “We never got a C-note. Women are cheap — especially in Florida,” he told Yahoo Movies.

Magic Mike XXL, in theaters next Wednesday, revolves around a road trip the guys take to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Along the way they link up with wanderer Zoe (Amber Heard), wealthy divorcée Nancy (Andie McDowell), and adult entertainment entrepreneur Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith). Return cast includes Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and Gabriel Iglesias, with newbies “tWitch,” Donald Glover, and Michael Strahan joining their ranks.