Watch Briana DeJesus' Boyfriend Bobby Scott Make His Teen Mom Debut

You know it's serious when the boyfriend agrees to film.

During the Oct. 18 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Briana DeJesus, 28, introduced viewers to her boyfriend Bobby Scott, 42, for the very first time.

"We've been keeping it a secret for a while and now this relationship is pretty serious," she said in her confessional. "I don't want to have another failed relationship on national TV. I think I'm more nervous than Bobby is."

After flying to her boyfriend's hometown of Detroit, the MTV reality star enjoyed a meal out with Bobby as cameras rolled. And while Bobby was previously a security guard for Teen Mom: Family Reunion, he's never been in front of the camera—until now.

"I feel comfortable," he told Briana before making a zero with his fingers. "That's how many f--ks I give. It's going to be good to meet your girls."

Briana, however, isn't ready to introduce Bobby to her three kids just yet.

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"One day. For now, no," she explained. "We're going to walk slow. When we know it's time, we'll just know. It's just hard because in my last relationship, I got really close to his kids and then when we broke up, I also broke up with the kids and it was hard."

Briana added, "I don't want to traumatize the kids. I've been through a lot of s--t, but I still have hope. I'm excited to see where this goes."

Earlier in the episode, Briana met up with her mom, Roxanne DeJesus, to share just how different this relationship feels. Despite a 15-year age difference, the Teen Mom star said, "I think he could be the one."

And despite many years of heartbreak, the former 16 and Pregnant star can't believe she is receiving another chance at love.

"I still don't think this is real," Briana shared in her confessional. "I feel like it's too good to be true or I don't deserve him at all, but obviously I do if God put him in my path."

Briana DeJesus, Bobby Scott

Back in August, Briana opened up to E! News about her new relationship. While the reality star has been an open book about her past romances, Briana said she wanted to do things different this time around.

"I feel like I've always found a relationship, but it's never worked out and I don't want another failed relationship so I kept this one near to my heart until I was sure and ready," she noted. "I think everybody in this world wants to be loved, wants to feel love, wants to see love and you just got to continue kissing these ugly frogs until you finally meet the right one. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it'll happen."

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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