Watch Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg Show Off Fancy Footwork For Final Day Of Filming Season 13 With Marisa Ramirez

 Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods
Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods

Despite the future of Blue Bloods being unknown for a while, the CBS procedural did get renewed for Season 14 recently, giving the show cause to celebrate. It was good timing, too, because the long-running series just wrapped its 13th season, and Donnie Wahlberg celebrated alongside Marisa Ramirez with some fancy footwork.

April 4 was evidently a big day for Donnie Wahlberg. Not only was he celebrating being part of New Kids on the Block, he also was excited about wrapping Season 13 of Blue Bloods. The NKOTB founding member took to Instagram with a long and heartfelt message about completing filming for Blue Bloods, along with a video showing off some sweet dance moves with on-screen partner Marisa Ramirez. On top of all that, he also gave a nice speech:

That is definitely some fancy footwork, and it’s quite the way to end year 13 of Blue Bloods! The fact that he also got to celebrate with Marisa Ramirez right next to him and, of course, the crew makes it all the more meaningful. Considering it took some time for the series to get renewed, I imagine everyone on set was very relieved on wrap day since they know they will be coming back. So, the relief mixed with the satisfaction of completing a job was more than enough reason to bust a move.

According to Donnie Wahlberg’s post, it seems like filming for Season 14 won’t start until the summer. So we'll have to wait a while for more funny BTS videos from Blue Bloods. However, since Season 13 is still airing, it’s also possible he’ll drop some more content over the next few weeks. I know I'm hoping for more fun BTS content that involves his spectacular fancy footwork.

Even though the season has wrapped filming, there is still a lot to look forward to in the final episodes of Season 13. Fans should get excited about the upcoming Magnum P.I. reunion for Tom Selleck, and it’s safe to assume that this season won’t end on a cliffhanger. However, 13 seasons in, you never know what could change. Blue Bloods’ longevity is thanks in part to the fans, and it looks like the show is ready to continue delivering surprising moments to the longtime viewers.

It really is nice knowing that the series is coming back for another season, and we don’t have to worry and wonder about the season coming to a close. I think it's safe to say all viewers were doing a happy dance similar to Wahlberg's when they found out the show isn't coming to an end quite yet. So, while the cast busts a move in celebration of another season being wrapped, we can continue to watch the final episodes and catch up with a Paramount+ subscription while anxiously waiting for Season 14.