Watch: 'Back to the Future' Town Recreated for Immersive Screening of the Beloved 1985 Film

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There are only two words that can adequately describe this video: “Great Scott!” A UK event company called Secret Cinema hosted an interactive Back to the Future experience for more than 75,000 lucky fans this summer. The video (via Slashfilm) shows just how much energy went in to re-creating the 1985 time-travel classic: Secret Cinema built an entire replica of the town Hill Valley (A nice place to live!), complete with clock tower, carnival, high school, a ’50s diner–turned–’80s-fitness center, and 3-D glasses for all.

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The event included a screening of the film, during which costumed performers acted out scenes like Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) hitching his skateboard to the back of a pick-up truck, and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) peeling off in his DeLorean as lighting strikes the clock. 

Back to the Future-Secret Cinema
Back to the Future-Secret Cinema

"Marty" and "Doc" replicate their big-screen counterparts during the Secret Cinema screening of Back to the Future

Secret Cinema has been producing film screenings with immersive theatrical elements since 2007. Ghostbusters, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Alien, The Third Man, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest are just a few of the other movie worlds they have re-created in locations throughout London. Back to the Future was the company’s most popular and widely-publicized event, to the extent that the scale became a problem; ticket sales crashed their server, and the date was changed at the last minute. Hopefully, things will be running more smoothly by summer 2015, when Secret Cinema brings its Back to the Future event to Los Angeles for the film’s 30th anniversary.